Briton jailed after confessing to killing 94-year-old man in Truth or Dare match – .

Briton jailed after confessing to killing 94-year-old man in Truth or Dare match – .

A 21-year-old Briton was sentenced to life in prison on Friday after he allegedly confessed to killing an elderly grandmother during a Truth or Dare game with friends.

Tiernan Darnton was convicted this week of murdering 94-year-old Mary Gregor when he set her home on fire on May 28, 2018, Lancashire police said.


Tiernan Darnton, 21, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for the June 2018 death of Mary Gregory, 94, in the UK. He allegedly confessed to the crime during a Truth or Dare game with friends, according to reports.
(Lancashire Constabulary)

Gregory died on June 1, 2018, and her cause of death was initially ruled to be pneumonia and smoke inhalation. A joint investigation by the Lancashire Police and Fire and Rescue Services concluded that the fire started as a result of a discarded cigarette and that in October 2018 his death was determined to be accidental.

The case was reopened a year later when Darnton reportedly confessed to an adviser that he had deliberately set on fire. The investigation also revealed that he made a similar confession weeks after Gregory’s death during a Truth or Dare game with friends, Sky News reported.

The new investigation determined that the fire was started on purpose and Darnton was charged with murder in March. During his trial, prosecutors presented evidence that he was near the house at the time of the fire and drawings found in his house that showed a glimpse of the floor plan of Gregory’s bungalow.

Marie Grégoire.
(Lancashire Constabulary)

The drawings contained labels that included “a good hiding place,” “a quick exit” and references to a “good alibi,” authorities said. A search of her laptop revealed searches online in the days following the fire for “Supporting Murderers’ Mental Health”, “Feeling Guilty for Murder” and “I’m a Monster and I’m Going to Hell “.

Investigators also found that two smoke detectors on the property had been disabled, the home phone was unplugged, and a spare key was missing from an outdoor key box.

“Darnton tried to convince the jury that he was the loving and devoted grandson of Mary Gregory,” Lancashire Chief Detective Inspector Zoe Russo said in a statement. “Make no mistake, Darnton had no connection with Mary Gregory. Darnton’s affirmations of love and devotion were nothing more than a distraction deployed by him in his desperate attempt to deceive the jury.

“Darnton used to visit Mary Gregory’s home regularly after her son took her under her wing at a young age. Darnton was spending time at Mary Gregory’s bungalow, ”he added. “He had easy access to his house. He took advantage of her caring nature. He abused Mary Gregory’s trust by carefully planning her murder by setting her house on fire while she was still alive and on the property. “

Authorities said Tiernan Darnton had a notebook with a plan of Gregory’s house.
(Lancashire Constabulary)


A statement from Gregory’s family, released by authorities, said reports that Darnton was his grandson was incorrect.

“In fact, he has no biological or legal connection to our family,” they said. “The past three and a half years have been traumatic for my family. We have lost a loving mother and grandmother, a dear aunt and friend under horrific circumstances. We were never convinced that the coroner’s initial conclusions were correct. “

Darnton will have to serve at least 15 years in prison before he can apply for parole.


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