Blood of Refugees is on France’s Hands, Says LEO MCKINSTRY | Léo McKinstry | Columnists

Blood of Refugees is on France’s Hands, Says LEO MCKINSTRY | Léo McKinstry | Columnists

The direct responsibility for the 27 heartbreaking deaths lies with the smugglers. At an estimated price of £ 3,000 per head, these gangsters could have made nearly £ 100,000 on Wednesday’s ill-fated journey, undertaken in a boat as fragile as a paddling pool.

The deadly incident also did not interrupt their operations. Even yesterday, as the search for the bodies continued, more and more boats made the illegal crossing to Dover.
Yet the smugglers could not do so if politicians and law enforcement on both sides of the Channel were willing to defeat them.

At the Home Office, Priti Patel’s habit of over-promising and not delivering has become increasingly apparent, as in her empty claim last month to “break the business model of smugglers”.

In the same vein, Boris Johnson severely warned in August 2019 those considering the trip: “We will send you back”.

Yet this year, when the influx has already reached a record 26,000, only five illegal migrants from the Channel have been effectively deported.

Too often, the Border Force has acted as a near-ferry service, even providing hot meals.

Negotiations for the creation of centers for processing asylum applications abroad have come to nothing. “Fake news,” the Albanian government said when asked about a possible deal with Britain.

But to be fair to ministers, they worked in a climate deeply hostile to border controls, seeing them as an oppressive barrier to greater diversity.

This attitude crosses the public service, the charitable sector and the media. He can also be found among leftist lawyers who use lavish legal aid and the complex appeals process to thwart referrals.

An even bigger problem was the government of Paris. The French have too often behaved as accomplices with the smugglers. The blood is on the Gallic hands.
They allowed the camps to flourish and the canoes to launch. This week, frail boats set sail under the eyes of the French police who did nothing to stop them.

Britain has pledged £ 54million to improve security on the French coast, but so far it only appears to be wasted money.

France even refused to let the British police work on its territory, unlike Poland, which welcomed our soldiers to strengthen its border with Belarus.

The rot in France begins at the top with President Emmanuel Macron. With epic cynicism, he sows trouble around Calais for two reasons.

First, he sees himself as the federal guardian of the EU and therefore wants to undermine Brexit by making life difficult for the Prime Minister.

Second, he risks being re-elected in April, so he wants to stir up antagonisms by holding our country responsible for the creation of misery around Calais. The British supposedly encourage illegal migration through generous benefits, the black economy and lack of identity checks.

This is a theme taken up by the French Minister of the Interior Gérard Darmanin who declared: “We will not be lectured by the British. We are neither their employees nor their auxiliaries.

No wonder the cooperation has been so poor.

Inevitably, the EU made matters worse. The Brussels obsession with free movement facilitated not only smugglers but also the transit of economic migrants. The Channel is not unique. There are such crises all over Europe, from Spain to Greece.

By seeking to destroy national identity and treating democracy with contempt, the EU has deprived European civilization of the will to defend its own integrity.

One can only hope that this week’s catastrophe will lead to a reversal of this position.


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