Blaming France will not solve the migrant crisis. It’s time for the government to act – .

Blaming France will not solve the migrant crisis. It’s time for the government to act – .

Madame misjudged

SIR – Carol Day (Letters, November 11) says her ID badge would read “Call me Madam” (“M&S staff receives pronoun badges in diversity campaign,” report, November 8).

As a young doctor, I always tried to be polite to my patients, calling male patients “Sir” and female patients “Madam”, until an angry lady replied, “Don’t me ‘Madam. ‘! “

After that, the men were “Mister” and the women were “Mrs …”.

Michel archer
Holt, Norfolk

MPs with many talents

SIR – We are certainly fortunate to have Sir Geoffrey Cox, a QC capable of earning £ 1million a year, involved in the parliamentary legislative process (Letters, November 12).

It seems to me that paying him the salary and expenses of an MP for this involvement is a good deal for the taxpayer.

Ian Goddard
Wickham, Hampshire

MONSIEUR – In his book, Diary of a deputy’s wifeSasha Swire says of Geoffrey Cox: “Most of her time is spent on her QC job rather than politics.

This comment is dated September 2011. It seems that not much has changed in the meantime.

Bob Hart
Newark, Nottinghamshire

SIR – I understood that once MPs were elected to the House of Commons, their duty, in addition to participating in the government process, was to represent the electorate of their constituency in local affairs.

How, then, can an MP who spends months in a row earning a second life thousands of miles from Britain fulfill this duty?

Michael R. Gordon
Warrington, Cheshire

SIR – Boris Johnson is correct that Britain “is not a corrupt country at all” (report, 11 November). It is only his deputies who are.

A supervisor C
Selby, North Yorkshire

Misleading fees for National Trust tours


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