Asda Charters Freighter With Festive Items Amid Supply Chain Crisis

Labyrinthine Covid Reminder System Is The Real Reason For The Delays

Asda has revealed that it has chartered its own freighter to ensure major party items such as toys, clothing and decorations reach its stores, in the latest example of the extreme measures retailers are taking to alleviate chain issues. supply before Christmas.

The supermarket, which revealed in a business update Monday that sales fell 0.7% in the three months to Oct.31, said the ship carrying 350 containers of items from Asia from the East was his very first private charter.

Asda said she had also stocked up on extra turkeys and pigs in blankets in stores and stocked up on chopped pies, sweets and puddings to avoid problems in the last few weeks before the Christmas day.

He said sales for the summer quarter were down from the same time a year ago, when spending on homes and gardens was huge as families adjusted to life of foreclosure.

With growing concern over the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, which has raised fears of more blockages on main streets, Asda also said it has increased the capacity of its grocery home delivery service to 1 million slots in the last week before Christmas, up from 765,000 in the same period last year.

The measures come as retailers scramble to keep shelves fully stocked amid concerns over Christmas deliveries. A shortage of qualified truck drivers, disruptions in container distribution during the pandemic and production delays in East Asia due to Covid restrictions have all delayed delivery of product to the UK.

Global supply issues have combined with labor shortages in the UK, in part due to changes to immigration rules after Brexit.

The issues affected the availability of a range of products, from kitchen appliances and computers to turkeys and pigs in blankets.

Shortages have forced retailers to find inventive solutions. John Lewis partnered with other retailers to charter container ships to deliver products and also carried items such as Christmas lights. Tesco, meanwhile, has stepped up its use of rail freight and offered truck drivers a £ 1,000 signing fee to secure deliveries.

Mohsin Issa and Zuber Issa, the billionaire brothers who bought a controlling stake in Asda this year in partnership with private equity firm TDR Capital, said: and the family last year.

“Our colleagues have gone to great lengths over the past few months to ensure that customers can get their favorite party products from Asda and enjoy the Christmas they deserve. “


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