As Thanksgiving approaches, virus cases in the United States are on the rise once again – .

As Thanksgiving approaches, virus cases in the United States are on the rise once again – .

Dr Rebecca Smith, an epidemiologist at the University of Illinois, said she plans to travel by vehicle with her children to see her family, but will get tested before and after.

“People want to get back to normal and we understand that – and there are ways to do it safely,” she said.

Still, Dr Smith said she expected the outbreak in Illinois to continue to worsen as the virus spreads to states in the Midwest and Northeast, which has largely avoided the worst of the summer wave. Over the past two weeks, reports of new cases have increased by more than 40% in Pennsylvania, more than 80% in Massachusetts and 70% in Indiana.

Infection levels are also consistently high across much of the West, including Arizona and New Mexico, where hospitalizations are on the rise, and Alaska and Wyoming, which have started to improve afterward. have suffered major epidemics. But the case rates in California are relatively low, as they are also in the south, the region most affected during the summer.

Before Thanksgiving 2020, the country was reporting 175,000 new infections per day and was halfway through its worst pandemic wave. Vaccines were still weeks away from clearance, many schools were closed, and rapid home tests were scarce. But even though scientists warned that Covid-19 was unlikely to go away altogether, there was widespread optimism at the time that vaccines could make the virus an afterthought in everyday life.

“It was terrible last year while on vacation,” said Kirk Burrows, 26, a paramedic at Unity, Maine, who said he planned to stay home for another Thanksgiving. “I think it’s going to be worse this year.

Mr Burrows, who described long ambulance trips with coronavirus patients transferred to hospitals within hours, said he believed many people had let their guard down as the pandemic continued. Maine regularly reports more than 700 new cases per day, its highest since the start of the pandemic, and hospitalizations have reached record levels.


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