Afterlife Debuts $ 16.5 Million Friday Night – .

Afterlife Debuts $ 16.5 Million Friday Night – .

Ghostbusters: the afterlife Fully entered the box office yesterday and its earnings indicate it will debut ahead of its initial follow-up for the weekend.

Ghostbusters: the afterlife grossed $ 16.5 million on Friday, a figure that includes the $ 4.5 million the film made in the Thursday night previews, per “Deadline.” That raw is exactly what the film needed and guarantees the film will exceed its initial follow-up by $ 30-35 million. We’re looking at a potential opening weekend of over $ 40 million and how it plays out depends on how hard families prepare for the movie the rest of the weekend.

PLF and Imax screens account for around 35% of that figure so far, and Box Office analyzes show that 1.25 million people have already seen the film since it premiered on Thursday. Further proof that the film is important enough for families, a third of the film’s opening day activity took place after 8:00 p.m., which means Ghostbusters: Afterlife has been more solid in morning screenings so far.

Ghostbusters: the afterlife has a CinemaScore opening night of “A-,” which is higher than the “B +” achieved by the 2016 female reboot. This movie grossed $ 46 million in its opening weekend and it’s too early to tell if Afterlife will match or exceed that number, but it will be close enough. The upside to the latest entry is that it comes with a budget of $ 75million versus $ 140million for the 2016 film and it’s pretty much certain that Afterlife will continue to perform well next weekend as we’re heading into the Thanksgiving vacation.

In other news, Will Smith’s Oscar play, King Richard, started slowly with $ 1.9 million. Before we go too far on the film, which has stellar 92% fresh reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it also debuts on HBO Max and since the film is aimed at an older audience, I bet it works. fine on the platform. Think The Many Saints of Newark which had a muted opening weekend but had a solid debut on HBO Max. It’s possible word of mouth could give this film box office legs, especially during the long vacations, but the film’s next feat will give Will Smith his third Oscar nomination, which seems to be a certainty at this stage.

What do you think of the Friday box office numbers?


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