Adorable moment, deer, badger and fox all come together in the same garden – .


It’s always a magical moment when a little nature interferes in suburban life.

A couple were stunned when their home became a meeting place for the best of English countryside wildlife.

A deer, fox and badger have been spotted exploring a garden together in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Julian Lloyd, 62, and his wife Gillian intentionally turned their land into a nature hotspot in hopes of attracting different types of animals.

In the two years since moving in, the couple tripled the size of their garden pond, identified numerous wildlife trails and set up a total of 23 bird nesting boxes.

So Gillian, a wildlife photographer, was quick to grab the camera when she spotted the curious trio late last month.

Julian said: “We often have wild animals in the garden – although we’ve never had this combination before.

“When we moved in we noticed that we were surrounded by wild animals all the time, so we decided to make our garden like a wildlife sanctuary.

“We have identified wildlife trails, cleaned up and enlarged our pond, and planted lots of wildflowers.

“We also have log piles which are refuges for mice and insects, and 23 nesting boxes with several well-fed birds.

“When we shared the videos on our Facebook, people compared the encounter to something out of a Disney movie or The Animals of Farthing Wood.

“We’re just happy that we can provide a safe space for wildlife to come and interact with – it’s definitely fun to watch. “

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