AD ‘Rust’ David Halls not responsible for weapon verification: lawyer – .

AD ‘Rust’ David Halls not responsible for weapon verification: lawyer – .

An attorney for the deputy director of “Rust” who allegedly handed the gun in the deadly shooting to Alec Baldwin said it was not his client’s responsibility to confirm the gun was unloaded – although he told the police that he should have checked everything. the sweeps.

Attorney Lisa Torraco also insisted in her Fox News interview on Monday that David Halls did not handle the gun the day Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza.

“This idea that my client grabbed the gun and handed it to Baldwin absolutely didn’t happen,” Torraco said before stepping back and dodging questions about whether the deputy director handed it over. the gun to Baldwin.

“The gunsmith brought the gun,” she said, referring to Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was only working on her second film in this capacity. “The gunsmith opens the gun … [Halls] did not load it.

Torraco told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum on “The Story” that Halls was not responsible for ensuring that the .45 caliber Colt was a “cold pistol,” a production term that means the weapon was not Contains no live bullets and is repeat safe

Alec Baldwin comes out of cover to answer questions about the accidental shooting on set in New Mexico.

“This is not the job of the assistant director. If he chooses to check the gun because he wants to make sure everyone is safe, he can do it, but it’s not his responsibility, ”she said.

On Monday, Halls spoke for the first time since the October 21 shooting, but did not address details of the incident – or respond to previous reports that he was the one who handed the gun to Baldwin.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said last week investigators were still trying to determine how the live bullets played out on the set.

According to authorities in Santa Fe, four people handled the weapon before the shooting: Baldwin, Halls, Gutierrez-Reed and prop master Sarah Zachry, according to Fox News.

Souza told police that security protocols require the gunsmith to turn the gun over to the deputy director, who is supposed to verify that there are no live bullets in the gun before handing it over to the ‘actor.

Halls told investigators he couldn’t recall how well he checked the gun.

“David indicated that when Hannah showed him the gun before continuing the rehearsal, he only remembered three bullets,” he told detectives, according to an affidavit filed in district court of Santa Fe County.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed in the shooting on the set of “Rust”.

“He said he should have checked them all, but he didn’t and couldn’t remember if she had spun the drum,” the deputy director of the cops reportedly said.

An insider told The Post that two staff on the set told investigators they had never seen Halls remove the weapon from the gunsmith cart during an investigation into the incident. Witnesses also denied that Halls called the gun “cold” before giving it to Baldwin, the source said.

Gutierrez told police she “checked the” models “and made sure they weren’t” hot cartridges, “according to the affidavits.

David Halls told investigators he can’t remember how thoroughly he checked the gun before handing it to Alec Baldwin.
Dave Halls/Twitter

In her interview on Monday, Torraco also said that she and her team interviewed another crew member she called “he” and that they “checked” the gun – although she did not. did not disclose any information about their identity.

When pressed by MacCallum, she said she spoke to some of the crew who remembered Gutierrez-Reed handing the pistol to Baldwin while others remembered seeing Halls hand it to the actor directly after receiving the accessory weapon by the gunsmith.

“This tragedy is upsetting us all… it is deeply saddening for my client,” said Torraco, who avoided answering questions about his client’s involvement in a previous gun-related incident in 2019.

An aerial view of the filming on Bonanza Creek Ranch where 'Rust' was filming.
An aerial view of the filming on Bonanza Creek Ranch where ‘Rust’ was filming.

Halls and his representatives did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.


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