Aaron Carter thinks his family is trying to put him under guardianship – .

Aaron Carter thinks his family is trying to put him under guardianship – .

Aaron tells TMZ… that he was FaceTiming with his friend on Monday and that his fiancée was told Melanie Martin communicates regularly with his twin sister, Ange Conrad, a revelation that sounded like a betrayal.

Remember, Aaron is estranged from his family – in 2019 Angel obtained a restraining order against him after claiming he threatened to send hitmen to his door – and he tells us Melanie knew he didn’t want her to talk to her family.

Aaron and Melanie have a recurring relationship, and every time they go their separate ways, he claims his family is contacting him to see if she’s okay… but he thinks they weren’t nice, there were ulterior motives.

The way Aaron sees it… his family tries to find an ally in Melanie as part of a plan to secure guardianship over him, using him to gather information about the case.

However, Melanie tells TMZ … she doesn’t believe her family is trying to get guardianship and they never grilled her on information.

Aaron says he confronted Melanie after Monday’s FaceTime and claims she denied talking to her family initially, but then admitted it was true and managed to communicate with them.

Sources close to Aaron’s brother, Nick Carter, tell TMZ… Nick and his wife, Lauren, have no part in wanting to put Aaron under guardianship, and they haven’t spoken to Melanie because they have no relationship with Aaron or Melanie.

We are told that Nick’s relatives see this as another way for Aaron to try to bring down Nick and his family.

As we reported… Aaron and Melanie split early Tuesday morning, just a week later the birth of their son.

Aaron says Melanie wouldn’t tell him what she told her family about… and that’s why he decided to end their relationship. With a newborn baby, Aaron says the time of separation is unhappy… but he says it’s his life and he feels like he’s being taken advantage of.

We’ve contacted Angel… so far, no word in return.


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