6 Ups & 6 Downs from WWE Raw (November 29)

6 Ups & 6 Downs from WWE Raw (November 29)


How do you rate an episode of Raw that had an average wrestling at best (and lower at worst), underwhelming to good promotions, and a bizarre segment of a show involving Vince McMahon and a young superstar in the making?

You flip a coin.

Either way, Raw was neither good nor bad Monday night. It was, however, very meh. You haven’t turned the show on or pumped up, and you’re not going to tell other wrestling fans about a really cool or interesting segment or match you’ve seen. But you also weren’t rushing to social media to make it the worst episode ever.

It’s amazing to call it a win for WWE, but after some of the shows we’ve had to endure the past few months, “meh” is quite an achievement. They managed not to suck. Oh sure, they tried to get half of the Raw Women’s Championship feud back, did a blindness thing, and used fired wrestlers as a way to generate cheap heat, but the match results made sense. , the fights were announced at the top of the show and a new feud initiated.

But then there were Vince’s segments with Austin Theory, which could lead to a fun place, or it could be a total disaster. We could look back in a few months and say that was his launch pad, or we could say that this is where he was torpedoed by an old, disconnected wrestling mogul.

Let’s go …


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