5 weekend news updates in France – .

5 weekend news updates in France – .

1. Hunter shot during a wild boar hunt in Dordogne

A 70-year-old hunter was killed by another hunter during a wild boar hunt in the Dordogne, reports the Bergerac prosecutor’s office.

An investigation was opened for “manslaughter during hunting” and referred to the gendarmerie and the French Biodiversity Office.

The incident happened around 10:00 yesterday (November 28) in the commune of Campsegret, about 15km north of Bergerac.

The victim was “mortally wounded” by a shot fired by another hunter in his sixties, who shot at a wild boar. This man is said to be “in shock” following the event, but will be questioned by the team leading the investigation in the coming days.

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2. Éric Zemmour makes a “very inelegant” gesture to the Marseille public

Eric Zemmour admitted that showing his middle finger to a passer-by who confronted him as he was concluding a trip to Marseille was “very inelegant”.

While the polemicist was finishing a trip to the Sainte-Marie-Majeure cathedral on Saturday morning, he made the gesture through the window of his car in response to a woman who had called him in front of the church.

“And really deep,” he added.

During his visit to Marseille, a city he describes as “disintegrated by immigration”, Mr. Zemmour was confronted with anti-fascist demonstrations, “insults” and “egg-throwing”, according to a journalist from Liberation here.

In a Twitter post regarding the middle finger gesture, Mr Zemmour wrote: “Ma’am, this was not the type of debate space I like, I was running out of time.

“So I used the only kind of language that you and your ‘anti-fascist’ comrades immediately understood: yours.

“However, imitating you was very inelegant, I heartily admit. “

Along with her trip to Marseille, an article published in Closer claimed that Mr. Zemmour’s advisor, Sarah Knafo, is pregnant with her child and is due to give birth in May 2022.

Mr. Zemmour, married for nearly 40 years, filed a complaint for invasion of privacy.

Although Zemmour has yet to announce that he will run in the presidential elections next year, polls suggested he could reach a run-off with President Emmanuel Macron.

However, in recent days, Marine Le Pen of the National Rally has passed him.

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3. EU leaders meet to discuss migrant crisis without the UK

EU leaders met without a British representative to discuss how best to prevent dangerous Channel crossings by people trying to reach English beaches.

It comes four days after the death of 27 people trying to cross the Channel to the UK on Wednesday, November 24.

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French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin met yesterday (November 28) his Belgian, German and Dutch counterparts, as well as the European Commissioner for Home Affairs and the directors of the police of Europol and the Frontex border agency.

They announced a series of measures aimed at combating the crossing of the Channel by migrants, in particular the strengthening of police and judicial cooperation in the fight against smugglers.

“Often the boats are bought in Germany, the money [is] in Belgium, the smugglers remain in the Netherlands ”, declared Mr. Darmanin during a press conference following the meeting.

Participants also said they would seek to increase the effectiveness of deportations of migrants to their countries of origin and strengthen enforcement of the Dublin Regulation, which requires migrants to seek asylum in their country of arrival. in Europe and do not attempt to transit to another state.

Finally, Frontex will deploy from December 1 a plane to monitor day and night the northern coast of France, in the hope of preventing illegal crossings of the Channel. This will henceforth be provided by a “European operator” rather than by the British private operator previously entrusted with this task.

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel was not invited to this meeting after Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted a letter he wrote to President Macron, calling on France to take back people who crossed the Channel to the United Kingdom.

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“We are not British auxiliaries,” Home Secretary Darmanin said, adding that the UK “must shoulder its responsibilities”.

4. Eight possible cases of Omicron detected in France

“Eight possible cases of infection” with the new Omicron Covid variant have been identified in France according to the Directorate General of Health.

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In a statement released last night (November 28), the government public health body said sequencing was underway to confirm whether the cases – all of which are linked to travel to Africa – belonged to this variant.

These people all tested negative for mutations found in other variants, such as Alpha, Beta or Delta.

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran had declared earlier in the day that: “We have not yet identified this type of variant in France but it is only a matter of hours. [until we do]», Cases having already been detected in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom, among other countries.

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As concern grows over the spread of the Omicron variant, the World Health Organization calls on countries to keep their borders open, and South Africa has called for travel restrictions to be lifted “immediately and urgently” for people from southern African countries, what Malawi has described as “afrophobia”.

5. Dozens of people evacuated from the floods in northern France

The Lys plain in northern France was severely affected by flooding following heavy rains over the weekend.

About sixty people were evacuated from their homes in the Nord department due to the floods of the Lawe and Clarence rivers.

Several people were also evacuated from their homes in the Pas-de-Calais villages of Arnèke and Eringhem, where firefighters and emergency services were called on a hundred incidents.

Pas-de-Calais and the North remain under orange flood alert this morning (November 29), and there could be disruptions to roads and public transport networks.

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