3 zodiac signs who will have a tough day on November 23, 2021 – .

3 zodiac signs who will have a tough day on November 23, 2021 – .

We have a few astrological transits ahead on November 23, 2021, and for three zodiac signs that are having a rough day on Tuesday, we’ll see how awkward they can be when they flex.
While we probably won’t see too many reviews coming from Moon Trine Neptune or Moon Trine Mars, we will definitely feel the burn from Moon Opposition Venus and Moon Opposition Pluto.

Let’s focus on these last two transits, because they are the ones that will launch us into a loop on Tuesday.

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Lunar opposition Venus can make our romantic endeavors seem riddled with flaws during this transit, we tend to be over-judgmental about our partners, and without being aware of it, we tend to create small divisions which, if they occur. are left unchecked, can turn into major family conflicts. .

We become forgetful during this transit, and for some it can lead to neglect.

The lunar opposition Pluto is the hard blow that no one needs in their life because it brings a sense of failure and the awareness that we are weak and easily influenced.


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