170 cases of Covid and 800 needing to self-isolate, according to PHA – .

170 cases of Covid and 800 needing to self-isolate, according to PHA – .

The Public Health Agency (PHA) has said it is handling hundreds of positive and suspected Covid-19 cases linked to an event at the Elk in Toomebridge.

there have been complaints of overcrowding around the management of the event at the Co Antrim entertainment venue. The TeenElk has welcomed dozens of teens with a “mineral bar only” policy.

Parents called the event a “heckling” and said 1,700 people were in attendance. Some said their children feared for their safety, with one mother saying this was the “crush” her daughter was forced to tiptoe on.

A similar event scheduled for Friday has been canceled.

The Elk said he was currently “assisting the Mid Ulster District Council in their investigations” and added that “in the evening no one showed up for treatment to the medical team on site”.

Parents of those present claimed that the Public Health Agency was dealing with dozens of coronavirus cases linked to the event.

The PHA has confirmed that just over 170 positive cases have been identified among those present, and as a result, over 800 people have been identified as close contacts and will need to self-isolate and pass a PCR test based on their vaccination status.

A spokesperson said: “This issue is a reminder of the need for continued vigilance and compliance with public health guidelines and regulations for Covid-19.

“Just because restrictions allow for large-scale events and social gatherings doesn’t mean they pose no risk of Covid infection, and we’ve seen cases among younger people increase in general. “

They continued, “We ask the public to remain vigilant and to continue to exercise caution. Take a quick LFD test before attending an event or social gathering, wear a face covering and maintain an appropriate distance if necessary, wash your hands regularly, and open windows and doors to ventilate enclosed spaces. If you develop symptoms, isolate yourself and arrange for a PCR test.

“Vaccination is also an important way to ensure protection against infection with Covid-19. The coming weeks will be very busy, with a significant intensification of the booster program, as well as the school-based program and the continued provision of first and second doses. . We call on everyone to get vaccinated if you are eligible. The important benefits of vaccination are clear. It helps protect you and your loved ones. ”

“We need to be aware that Covid-19 is still a threat and we need everyone to play their part to help stop the spread of the virus. Our advice remains the same: follow guidelines and regulations, get vaccinated, and make sure you and your close contacts follow the rules regarding self-isolation if necessary. “


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