WWE locker room stand behind Becky Lynch after confrontation with Charlotte Flair – .

WWE locker room stand behind Becky Lynch after confrontation with Charlotte Flair – .

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch had a backstage showdown after SmackDown. Their relationship has been strained for some time now, ever since Lynch called Flair “plastic” in a promo years ago. Then things hit a boiling point on Wichita.
PW Insider has confirmed that there is no heat on Becky Lynch due to this situation. It was Flair who prompted things as she pulled the title away from Lynch, a move that some behind the scenes made The Man look silly.

The situation did not become physical as the two parties let off steam and quarreled. Lynch was the one who took on Flair backstage, but it wasn’t until after the Queen pulled that move during the segment that wasn’t repeated or even suggested to the talent. In the end, the locker room is behind Becky Lynch.

There is no heat on Lynch as seen as she was pushed to a boiling point, which caused her to take on Flair. If it had become physical it might have been seen differently, but afterwards it was seen in the locker room as Lynch stood and protected herself after being pushed too far.

It’s also worth noting that Ringside News reported on October 19 that there were people on the SmackDown side who were not thrilled to swap Becky for Charlotte.

Charlotte Flair was asked to leave the arena before Becky Lynch finished her Dark Match. They didn’t want another backstage hookup. There is a lot of heat on Charlotte Flair right now, but it is not confirmed that this situation is the cause of Andrade’s “FU WWE” tweet.

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