worker sifts through muddy sewers to help distraught mom after losing something priceless – .

worker sifts through muddy sewers to help distraught mom after losing something priceless – .

A mom left ‘devastated’ when her wedding ring fell off a grid took to social media to thank a maintenance worker who saved her for her.
As Rachel Avellanet and her mom talked about rings over a cup of coffee and carrot cake at Costa’s, she pulled her wedding ring off.

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the ring ‘bounced’ off the table and ended up in the sewers, outside the Mill Gate Mall in Bury.

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Rachel, worried the ring would be lost forever, tearfully asked a staff member if someone could help her.

A maintenance man named Kev jumped in to Rachel’s aid and spent the next hour searching for the ring.

Miraculously, he found it.

Rachel has since shared a photo of Kev on Facebook along with a heartwarming message.

She wrote: “This guy here is an absolute hero. He works at Mill Gate, Bury as a maintenance technician.

“Please share this so he can see how good he made my day and how amazing he is at his job.

Mill Gate maintenance worker Kev looking for Rachel’s ring

“Today at Costa Coffee in Bury my mom and I were sitting at a table having coffee and carrot cake.

“We were talking about my wedding rings and I took off my wedding ring and it bounced off the table and straight into a grate / sewer. My mom and I gasped in shock. Honestly, I felt like I was going to throw up.

“To say I was devastated would be an understatement. It’s been 10 years since we got married last month and I thought my ring was gone forever.

“Many of the clients sitting around us were mortified, praying and watching in shock. I tearfully asked a lady who worked for Mill Gate if there was anyone who could help me. “

Explaining how Kev found the ring, Rachel added, “He literally spent over an hour pulling out piles of trash and mud and putting them in bags and buckets with his bare hands!

“All the clients were watching his every move, hoping and praying for me. He then spent half an hour washing himself up and reliving everything with his bare hands.

Kev digs through the mud to find Rachel’s ring

“He was so kind and patient and never stopped looking for me.

“The ring was nowhere visible. I was convinced that I had lost him forever, I was ready to crack.

“However, in its very last handful of mud was my ring.

“He has no idea how much he made my day. I was so lucky he managed to find it for me. Literally in tears now when I think about it.

“He’s an absolute legend and really deserves all the praise he can get. I will never take my rings off again, and I will never look at carrot cake the same way again. “

The Manchester Evening News contacted Mill Gate Mall for comment.

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