Woman jailed for throwing deadly waste from CBD’s 50th floor – .

Woman jailed for throwing deadly waste from CBD’s 50th floor – .

Shenton Way at dusk. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE – After an argument with her boyfriend, a woman tossed a speaker, radio system and TV from her 50th floor unit along Shenton Way.

Lluen Saenz Maria Isabel, a 49-year-old Peruvian, was jailed for seven weeks on Tuesday (October 19) after pleading guilty to one count of committing a reckless act that endangered the safety of others.

In mitigation, her lawyer told the court that her then-boyfriend-turned-husband cheated on her during his travels to Batam. The couple had lived together for about two years in a 50th-floor apartment in V on Shenton, a 54-story residential tower along Shenton Way

Saenz, a teacher at the Canadian International School, was on the verge of ending their relationship last year when the man assaulted her. She retaliated by throwing several objects over the balcony railing of the apartment.

Argument after dinner at Vivocity

On February 21 last year, Saenz’s boyfriend admitted he cheated on her. He attempted to patch her up and said she would undergo a sexually transmitted disease screening test.

Six days later, the couple watched a movie at Vivocity and had dinner at a restaurant, where they shared two bottles of wine. The couple then took a cab back to their apartment, where Saenz accused her boyfriend of lying.

In the middle of their argument, she threw her boyfriend’s TV, radio system and speaker from the balcony. Her boyfriend then packed his things and left the apartment.

The incident alerted a security supervisor working in the nearby building, which was occupied by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, and called the police at around 1:34 a.m. on February 28.

Waste presents a high degree of danger to human life

Deputy prosecutor Andre Ong requested eight weeks in jail for Saenz, saying the items thrown were not small and presented a high degree of danger to human life. Saenz also dumped the killer’s litter box at 1 a.m. on a Friday morning, posing a danger to pedestrians and cars.

Saenz’s lawyer Anil Singh said his client had been an educator for 24 years. She arrived in Singapore in 2010 and began teaching part-time at United World College before becoming fully employed by the Canadian International School. She had tendered her resignation earlier this year due to her lawsuit.

Singh added that Saenz’s husband’s conduct had a lot to be desired during their four-year relationship. The last straw for her had been her infidelity during her trip to Batam.

The couple tried to chat during and after their visit to Vivocity, but Saenz wanted to cancel the relationship and told him to leave. The husband lost his temper when Saenz sought to retrieve his belongings for him and hit her, prompting him to throw his belongings over the balcony railing.

Singh added that Saenz had paid a heavy price as she is unlikely to be able to teach again due to her criminal history. However, the relationship between the couple has improved since their marriage and the man is now a devoted husband, according to his wife.

As Saenz realized that she would be repatriated, she and her husband will leave Singapore.

Singh asked for a hefty fine or a prison sentence of three to four weeks.

For committing a reckless act that endangers the safety of others, Saenz could have been jailed for up to six months, or fined up to $ 2,500, or both.

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