Winter tires in Ontario could be harder to obtain this year, tire stores say – .

Winter tires in Ontario could be harder to obtain this year, tire stores say – .

TORONTO – Tire supply stores are warning Ontarians that obtaining specific types of tires this year may be more difficult than usual due to shortages caused by the pandemic.

“Last year when COVID-19 started there was a big hiatus in production at most tire manufacturers,” Ron Pierce, Ontario regional manager at Kal Tire, told CTV News Toronto.

The shortage could be caused by a number of factors – some tire companies have had to close their factories amid the pandemic, there has been a rubber shortage due to recent poor rubber harvests, and some ports have been closed. , resulting in shipping delays.

Pierce said that while Kal Tire is well stocked with inventory, he expects some sizes to be sold out and it will be more difficult to restock this fall and winter.

“I would definitely recommend shopping early, especially if you are looking for a specific brand or size. There will be sizes and tires that will not be available there. “

Suppliers at Green Car Tire in Scarborough have also told them some tires will be harder to find this fall.

“We have heard from all of our suppliers that there will be a limited supply of certain tires,” said Corey Stokes of Green Car Tire.

Stokes said while tire stores may have a good supply now, that could change as the season progresses.

“It’s better to try and get them sooner rather than later, especially if your insurance requires you to have them on your vehicle,” he said.

Frances Ranger was there to change her winter tires, as she wanted to do it before the first snowfall.

“My husband was on the spot and made the appointment nicely and early, so we didn’t have to wait any longer than we wanted,” said Ranger.

Every year more and more Canadians switch to winter tires and, according to the Canadian Tire and Rubber Association, about 69 percent of drivers use them.

The tire industry expects supply chain issues not to be resolved for at least a year.


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