Winter lockdown ruled out after NHS leaders called for ‘plan B’ – .

Winter lockdown ruled out after NHS leaders called for ‘plan B’ – .

Vaccinations in the United Kingdom against Covid-19: the latest figures

A cabinet minister ruled out another coronavirus lockdown this winter, calling the discussion of the idea “unnecessary.” Kwasi Kwarteng’s comments followed Downing Street’s admission that he was monitoring “very closely” the rise in infections and deaths.

Officials on Tuesday reported the highest death toll from Covid-19 in the UK since March, with 223 people dying within 28 days of testing positive in the last 24-hour period. New daily infections topped 40,000 over the past week.

Overnight, NHS bosses urged the government to implement ‘plan B’ to control Covid-19, with Matthew Taylor, head of the NHS Confederation, saying the UK risked ‘stumbling in a winter crisis ”without more stringent measures in place.


The NHS “on the brink” already, warns the head of the Confederation

Matthew Taylor, the Head of Confederation for the NHS, is touring the media this morning following his comments on ‘Plan B’ overnight.
He warned that health services were “on the verge” of being overwhelmed, even before the onset of winter.
He told the BBC: “I speak to health officials every day and have literally not spoken to any official who does not say their service is under intense pressure right now. It’s mid-October. Things are only going to get worse.
“The health service is just at the limit… If you push that much further, we won’t be able to provide the level of service that people need. “
His comments come after The independent revealed that some patients waited two full days for a hospital bed after visiting A&E. And others were forced to wait outside the hospital until 1 p.m. in the ambulance that took them there.
Jon SharmanOctober 20, 2021 8:27 AM

Kwarteng insists government response to Covid ‘worked’

The UK’s economic growth is proof that the government’s response to Covid-19 has been successful, Kwasi Kwarteng said.
Rule out a return to lockdown this winter, the business secretary told Sky News in an interview: “Throughout this process there have been people who have said the lockdown is not necessary, there are had other people who said we should continue with the lockdown. We have really carved a path between these two extremes.
“I think it worked and that’s why, one of the reasons, we have the fastest growing economy in the G7, it’s 7.5% this year, that’s the prediction, which is faster than any other comparable country, certainly in the G7.
“There’s a reason for that, and that’s because we’ve been successful in rolling out the vaccine and reopening the economy. “
The UK economy may be growing – at a modest pace – but a supply crisis and a shortage of truck drivers due to both the coronavirus and Brexit are holding it back.
Prices for staple foods are rising and Britons have been warned to expect food shortages this winter.
The UK also has one of the highest Covid-19 death rates in the world, despite Mr Kwarteng’s claim that the government’s approach to the pandemic ‘has worked’.
In addition, other ministers admitted that they would have reacted differently in hindsight. Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden apologized to the nation last week following the release of a damning report by MPs that detailed how the government has failed to protect its citizens.
Failure of the lockdown early enough in March 2020 was one of the worst public health mistakes the country has seen, MPs concluded.
Jon SharmanOctober 20, 2021 8:08 AM

Britain must tackle slow booster campaign and rollout of teen jabs, admits Kwarteng

A cabinet minister admitted that the government “really needs to tackle” the slow pace of the COVID-19 booster vaccination campaign.
Kwasi Kwarteng insisted the deployment – a key part of the government’s ‘plan A’ to mitigate the coronavirus this winter – was working, even if it was slower than expected.
He told Sky News that the vaccine rollout has been “the most successful thing we’ve done” and urged those eligible to agree to a third dose.
He said: “The critical thing, as my colleague the Secretary of Health said, is hospitalizations and also deaths, and thank goodness these numbers are well, much lower than they were, certainly. , at the beginning of the year. “
He added that the government was concerned about the increase in the number of deaths, but said: “You will recall that at the beginning of the year we had hundreds, if not thousands, a day.
“Fortunately, that hasn’t happened and, as the Secretary of Health said, it’s something we’re going to have to live with and I think we’re dealing with it. “
Turning to providing jabs to kids, he said, “I mean, it’s easy to say things don’t work when they just started or we need to push them more dynamically, but it works. “
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Breaking: government rules out return to lockdown this winter

Boris Johnson’s government is ruling out another Covid lockdown or ‘additional restrictions’ this winter, despite NHS leaders calling on ministers to enforce ‘Plan B’ restrictions.
Amid a further rise in Covid cases, the NHS Confederation urged ministers to implement the backup strategy – including bringing back mandatory face coverings in public places and asking people to work from home .
But business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said the government was not interested in returning the restrictions. “We don’t want to get into a lockdown or other restrictions,” he told Sky News on Wednesday.
Jon SharmanOctober 20, 2021 7:29 AM

NHS bosses call for ‘plan B’ to be implemented amid spike in cases, deaths

The NHS Confederation Chief has urged ministers to implement their ‘plan B’ to contain the coronavirus this winter, as infections and deaths rise.
The BBC reported that Matthew Taylor said: “The NHS is bracing for what could be the most difficult winter on record.
“It is time for the government to promulgate plan B of its strategy without delay because without preventive action, we risk falling into a winter crisis. “
Whitehall “shouldn’t wait for Covid infections to explode and NHS pressures to be very high before the panic alarm sounds,” he added.
Plan B involves the reintroduction of mandatory masks and guidance for working from home where possible, as well as the introduction of vaccine passports.
Plan A, currently in place, aims for the vaccine rollout to reach most of the population and provide booster shots if needed.
On Wednesday morning, a cabinet minister ruled out a full winter lockdown, calling any discussion of the idea “unnecessary.”
Yesterday’s daytime death toll of 223 was the highest since March.
You can read more about it below:
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