William Shatner thought Michael Myers’ Captain Kirk mask was a joke – .

William Shatner thought Michael Myers’ Captain Kirk mask was a joke – .

William Shatner et Michael Myers

William Shatner et Michael Myers
photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images), Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Michael Myers’ mask is instantly recognizable with his ghostly sound white paint job, eyes sunken and unsettling Brown hair. Halloween Fans be aware that the original mask worn in the first movie was actually a modified version of Star Trek‘s Captain James T. Kirk.

The “makeover” of the mask (or shall we say make-under) makes the finished product look nothing like William Shatner– but after finding out that one of horror’s biggest killers wears his mask, the actor himself was not really flattered.

In a conversation with Shatner for his YouTube channel Jakes takes, Jake Hamilton asked, “Do you remember the first moment someone said, ‘Hey, do you know the Halloween mask is it you? ‘ ”

Shatner replied, “I don’t remember the exact moment but I thought, ‘Is this a joke? Are they kidding? And then I saw — I don’t think I saw the movie, but I probably saw the mask in the photo and recognized it as the death mask they made for me… they made a mask of my face on Star Trek with clay so I didn’t have to be available for the prosthetics they would put on my face to look old or bad or whatever they made me look like.

“This mask existed in Star Trek so somewhere along the line someone got this mask and made it into a mask for halloween [the holiday, not the movie]. And then the story is “Get me a mask,” the director said. [John Carpenter]so the guy ran into that halloween store and grabbed this mask and it turned out to be from me.

This isn’t the first time Shatner has spoken of being the face of Michael Myers.

In fact, there is a video where he talks to his daughter Lisbeth on camera, remembering the time he wore the mask on Halloween during a sleight of hand with his daughters.


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