Why Stephen A. Smith thinks the 2021-22 Warriors can win the NBA title – .

Why Stephen A. Smith thinks the 2021-22 Warriors can win the NBA title – .

The Warriors are off to a phenomenal start, beating both the Los Angeles Lakers and the LA Clippers in back-to-back games.
Two playoff teams from a year ago.

Reinforced by a deeper bench, with Klay Thompson returning just around the corner, the Warriors are starting to look like a playoff team again. Something they haven’t been in two seasons.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith doesn’t just think Golden State is linked to the playoffs, he thinks they have a shot at winning their fourth NBA title in eight seasons.

“If Klay Thompson comes back healthy… The Warriors could win it all,” Smith said on air during ESPN’s “First Take” on Friday. “I really mean it, I don’t play with anyone. “

“Let me tell you something now. Maybe one day Steve Kerr will admit that after making five straight NBA Finals and winning three championships, he would likely retire if he didn’t coach Steph Curry. Because Steph Curry is the kind of person who will expand your career. You don’t mind going to work. “

He makes an interesting point. Without Curry, the Warriors would likely be in full rebuild mode, which might have prompted Kerr to sail into the sunset with all eight championships he won as a player (five) and coach (three).

As long as Curry is on the squad, Golden State will have a shot at making the playoffs. It’s only been two games so far, it’s very early. So why does Stephen A. think the Warriors are already title contenders?

“Steph Curry is the greatest shooter God ever created,” Stephen A said. “I don’t care what anybody says, there’s never, never, never been a guy out of dribbling, stationary, wrench, wings, corner – 20, 30, 40 and sometimes 50 feet. This brother is amazing, okay?

“When I think of him and the return of Klay, who is one of the top five shooters in basketball history, then we think of the rest of this team. I look at Jordan Poole… Andrew Wiggins, he’s no slouch, he’s shown himself so far. I think about [James] Wiseman coming back, I think of Otto Porter Jr.’s pickup truck that coaches have told me are raving about Otto Porter. “

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The supporting cast Smith mentioned (Poole, Wiggins, Wiseman, Porter Jr.) should make the Warriors a much deeper and more cohesive team than a year ago.

Stephen A. was raised on the Warriors all offseason. On August 12, the ESPN commentator declared Golden State a final four team this season.

“I’m just looking at this list right now… the Warriors can win it all,” Smith added. “They could win it all this year. “

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