What would you like to know | FR24 News France

What would you like to know |  FR24 News France

On Monday

12 more departments are added to the list where primary school children do not have to wear masks in class as the number of Covid cases decreases. This rule now covers 79 of the 101 departments in mainland France and overseas – find the full list here.


MEPs are debating a bill to extend the possible use of the health passport until summer 2022. The original health pass The law (passe-santé) expires on November 15, but can be extended if MPs agree. The government wants to maintain the possibility of using the health pass until next summer, but has also raised the possibility of reducing it in certain areas, or certain sectors. This will not happen until November 15, however, according to the government spokesperson.

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The time limit for payment of the owner’s tax, property tax, falls on Wednesday October 20 of this year if you pay online. The deadline for people paying by mail was the previous week. If you haven’t yet received an invoice, check your impots.gouv online account or visit your local tax office to make sure everything is up to date.


First reading in the National Assembly of the 2022 budget.

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Real Madrid and France footballer Karim Benzema is appearing in court for the sextape blackmail case which saw him excluded from the French team before his recall before Euro 2020.


Paris’ famous Crazy Horse cabaret reopens after more than 19 months of closure linked to the pandemic, one of the last major tourist attractions to reopen.


The cheaper UK travel tests go on sale on Friday. If you are planning a trip to the UK there is a slight rule change to be aware of. While all UK arrivals still need to book and pay for a Day 2 test before leaving France, from Sunday October 24th these tests can be the cheaper (laterally low) antigen tests instead of the tests PCR. These can be booked online from October 22, from the UK Government’s list of approved suppliers. All the details on the changes HERE.


Parisian traffic is likely to be dense Friday evening because the schools separate for the holidays of All Saints (All Saints). The fall vacation isn’t as important as the summer vacation getaway, but the smart bison traffic forecaster issued an orange warning for the Paris area on Friday. Traffic may also be heavier than normal elsewhere.


If you’re not one of those leaving Paris, there’s a screening of Lost in Frenchlation on Friday night.

The cinema club regularly shows French films with English subtitles and this week is Onoda: 10,000 nights in the jungle. Young Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda is sent to fight on a remote island in the Philippines as WWII is about to end in this extraordinary portrait of a forgotten soldier. Refusing to believe that the war was over, he continued the fight until 1974. The film by French director Arthur Harari, based on a true story, is in Japanese but will have English subtitles.

The evening will begin with an aperitif at the bar of the L’Entrepôt cinema at 7 p.m., followed by the screening of the film at 8 p.m. Tickets are available online here, and costs € 8.50 full price; € 7 for students and all other concessions.


All over France begin the school holidays for All Saints’ Day. The dates of the two week vacation are the same everywhere in France. In reality, most children separate on Friday, but some schools have Saturday morning classes, so official vacation dates are always counted from Saturday.


The change in UK travel testing rules, as noted above, goes into effect from Sunday 24 October.

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