we didn’t have any real negotiations with Deandre Ayton – .

we didn’t have any real negotiations with Deandre Ayton – .

James Jones spoke to The Athletic’s Sam Amick on Monday, just hours after the Phoenix Suns were able to agree to an overtime with Deandre Ayton. Ayton will become a restricted free agent during the 2022 offseason.

Jones maintains that the Suns were open to discussing the possibility of a three or four-year maximum and that it was only the five-year maximum for the designated rookie that was completely out of the question.

“We haven’t had real negotiations,” Jones said.

This notion has, however, been strongly contested by Les agents d’Ayton, Bill Duffy et Nima Namakian.

Teams cannot have more than two of the designated rookie max expansion players on their squad at any one time. Ayton’s representatives were never told by the Suns that this was a consideration for which a five-year maximum was not offered.

“We know it’s important to us; it’s important to him that we keep improving and keep developing and winning (a title), ”Jones said. “So when we talked about a goal this offseason, it was to keep building this team. So for us, unfortunately, we are where we are (with Ayton). Disagree. We did not have real negotiations. You talk about conversations (with reps for Ayton, Bill Duffy and Nima) – it was a five-year max extension like the other peers, the other former # 1 picks, and that’s where the conversation started. and ended. It wasn’t something to consider – not something to talk about. It’s obvious. They talk about us having discussions on a maximum of three years, four years (contracts). It’s real. ”

Jones also argues that the perception that Robert Sarver is frugal by not giving Ayton a maximum of five years is wrong.

“This is incorrect,” Jones said. If you just look at the movements we made, that is incorrect. It just isn’t (true). If you look at all the moves we’ve done and the things we’ve done, from the training facility to the roster itself to the acquisition of Chris Paul, the acquisition of Jae Crowder, the expansion of guys we have, that’s not correct.

“When you summarize this thing, it’s disappointing that we didn’t come to an agreement. have real, substantive conversations. And that (idea that a) the lack of a deal is a signal that we’re not committed to Deandre or interested in continuing, that we don’t believe in him, it becomes the narrative. But this is the furthest from the truth. “


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