victims trapped in rubble after magnitude 5.7 earthquake – world news – .

victims trapped in rubble after magnitude 5.7 earthquake – world news – .

There were fears of death after the earthquake destroyed several houses and damaged other buildings in Harnai and Shahrag in Pakistan

People whose homes were rocked by the earthquake shared photos of the damage
The victims were trapped in the rubble of collapsed houses after a major 5.7 magnitude earthquake sent terrified residents rushing into the streets.
Residents shared photos of damage to their homes, including cracks in the walls, after the earthquake struck about eight miles from Harnai, Pakistan, shortly after 3 a.m. local time on Thursday.

The earthquake destroyed several houses in Harnai and Shahrag, and several people were reportedly buried under collapsed buildings, a regional official told HUM News.

There were fears of death as a number of injured victims were rushed to hospitals for treatment and rescuers searched homes which were overturned.

The earthquake woke people from their sleep just after 3 a.m. local time

Photos showed residents gathered in dark streets after fleeing their homes during the earthquake.

Power supplies have been cut in a number of areas.

A regional official told local media that a number of houses were destroyed, several of which saw their roofs collapse as they were shaken by the earthquake.

Government buildings were also damaged, he said.

Twitter users who live in the area have said they woke up in their homes shaking and feeling terrified.

One man wrote: “The earthquake was so huge, I felt like a ghost was shaking my bed.

He added: “I can’t sleep anymore because of the fear and I’m already sick. “

Another Twitter user wrote: “We felt a major earthquake here in Quetta around 3:00 am. Reports from adjacent areas are coming in.

“We are safe. I hope everyone is safe. “

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