‘Very apprehensive’ Covid government adviser in UK could see another ‘Christmas lockdown’ – .

‘Very apprehensive’ Covid government adviser in UK could see another ‘Christmas lockdown’ – .

A Covid government adviser has said people can look forward to a Christmas lockdown if government policy does not change.
The government is under increasing pressure from NHS scientists and SAGE to implement ‘Plan B’ Covid measures in a bid to curb rising infection rates and protect the NHS.

But Boris Johnson has so far ruled out imposing stricter measures, which would see a return of face masks and work from home, as well as Covid passports.

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Speaking in a personal capacity, Professor Peter Openshaw told BBC Breakfast he was ‘very scared’ of ‘another lockdown Christmas,’ reports WalesOnline.

The member of the Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats (Nervtag) who advises the government added that not acting now to reduce infection rates is “unacceptable”.

When asked what people can expect from Christmas if government policy doesn’t change, Professor Openshaw of Imperial College London said: ‘I am very concerned that we have another lockdown Christmas though. we are not acting soon.

“We know that with public health measures, it is time to act immediately. There is no point in delaying.

“If you delay, you will have to take even tougher action later. Immediacy of the response is absolutely vital if you are to get things under control.

“We all really, really want a wonderful family Christmas where we can all get together.

“If this is what we want, we have to put these measures in place now to reduce transmission rates so that we can actually come together and see each other at Christmas. “

Prof Openshaw added: “I think we are all desperate to get back to normal life and I can absolutely understand why the government is listening to industry pressure and its own urges to really open up, but the numbers for the moment really show that we have too many cases out there.

“It’s just, I think, unacceptable to let this work for the moment. “

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