vaccine problem between Kyrie Irving, New York City and not the NBA – .

vaccine problem between Kyrie Irving, New York City and not the NBA – .

At his press conference for the opening of the NBA 21-22 regular season, Adam Silver was asked if he was disappointed the league couldn’t mandate vaccines with the NBPA. The NBA vaccination rate is currently around 96%

Kyrie Irving, due to an order in New York City, is the only player ineligible to play in certain games.

« Well, as we were discussing this with the Players Association, I think the percentage of players vaccinated was around 80, ”Silver said. “I’m not sure they could have predicted accurately at that point how many players would choose not to get the shot.

“I won’t try to speak for them, other than the opinion that some players had, I think including maybe some players who are vaccinated, that it should be an individual choice among the players.

“I would have preferred that at the end of the day the Players’ Association accepted compulsory vaccinations. The officials’ union accepted compulsory vaccinations despite opposition from some of their members.

“But at the end of the day, I think we could have avoided much of the confrontational nature of these issues for our players. It’s not so much with the league; I think it gets confused in some cases. It’s between Kyrie and New York right now. It is not a league issue, as you pointed out, it is not mandatory in the league.

“But I think it would have been better for everyone if every player had been vaccinated. “


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