US sailor who says he was pictured evacuating baby from Kabul under investigation for speaking at Trump rally – .

US sailor who says he was pictured evacuating baby from Kabul under investigation for speaking at Trump rally – .

A US Navy who says he saved a baby during the evacuation from Afghanistan in photos seen around the world is under investigation for appearing on stage with Donald Trump at a rally.
Cpl Hunter Clark introduced himself as “the guy who pulled the baby over the wall” when he addressed the crowd at Mr. Trump’s “Save America” ​​event in Georgia Saturday.

He appeared to be referring to viral photos and videos from August which showed an unknown sailor guarding the barbed wire wall around Kabul airport, grabbing a child proposed by their father and lifting him up to safety.

But the Marine Corps is now investigating whether Lance Cpl Clark broke US Department of Defense (DoD) rules that prohibit active duty troops from speaking out at any “partisan political rally.”

A spokesperson told the military affairs magazine Task and objective that Lance Cpl Clark was not the person who first caught the baby in the most famous video, despite being on the same Marines task force.

It’s possible that he was one of the other Marines shown in the video, or that he shot another child over the wall in one of the many similar incidents.

At his rally on Saturday, Mr. Trump introduced the Marine by saying, “We are also honored to be joined by one of the Marines who bravely served in Kabul during the withdrawal and helped evacuate the children over it. the airport wall. You saw him, he did a great job … Lance Corporal, come up here!

Lance Cpl Clark then told the crowd, “I’m the guy who pulled the baby over the wall, and it’s definitely one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life.

“I just want to thank all the support from all of you, it really means a lot. And I’m glad to be home today. Thank you. “

His appearance lasted less than a minute, and he was not wearing a uniform, nor endorsing any political candidate or ideology.

Nonetheless, the rally was a political event, and US military commanders are very sensitive to any semblance the military made about joining for partisan purposes.

It comes after a Marine Lt. Col. was jailed for refusing to stop a stream of social media posts criticizing US generals for chaos in Afghanistan and urging his supporters to join him in a peaceful ‘revolution’ .

A Navy spokesperson said Task and objective: “The 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) initiated a command investigation into the presence of Lance Cpl Hunter Clark at the event last weekend to determine if DoD policies were violated.

“No details regarding this incident can be released while the investigation is ongoing. “


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