US can’t defend against new Chinese hypersonic missiles, official warns – .

US can’t defend against new Chinese hypersonic missiles, official warns – .

This is not the first such test conducted by China. In 2018, in a televised launch, Beijing sent its nuclear-capable hypersonic missile Xingkong-2 into space on a multistage rocket.

The weapon is said to have traveled at six times the speed of sound in what Beijing has called “a huge success.”

Washington is already working on adding hypersonic missiles to its arsenal.
Darpa, the science wing of the US military, recently announced successful tests of what it called a HAWC (Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept) missile. The missile uses oxygen in the atmosphere for fuel.

She is also developing a hypersonic glider, known as the ARRW (pronounced “arrow”), but her first major test in April was unsuccessful.

Russia recently launched a hypersonic missile, the Zircon, from a submarine, and since late 2019, Avangard missiles with hypersonic nuclear capability have been in service.

According to Financial Time, the Chinese military launched a rocket carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle into space, which circled the world through space in low orbit before returning to Earth in August.

The missile reportedly missed its target by about two dozen miles, but revealed that China has progressed much further than US officials realized. “

We have no idea how they did this, ”according to a source quoted by the newspaper.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to comment on the missile launch on Monday, but said the United States has made clear to China its concern about its military development.


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