Unvaccinated pregnant woman in northern British Columbia clings to life in COVID-19 ICU – .

Unvaccinated pregnant woman in northern British Columbia clings to life in COVID-19 ICU – .

Vancouver –

A pregnant mother of two from Fort St. John, B.C. who was airlifted to hospital for COVID-19 treatment on Thanksgiving is now on a ventilator, clinging to the lives of some 1,200 kilometers from home.

Krystal St. Pierre is six months pregnant and has not been vaccinated. Her husband Dwayne Bisette, who is also unvaccinated and also contracted the virus, is telling their story to try to convince others not to make the same mistake.

“Back then we were against vaccination, we kind of didn’t want to do it and something dangerous to happen. We didn’t know if it was safe for her to be pregnant, ”said the oil worker, who added, like many of their friends and neighbors to the north, that they were“ buried ”.

After their concerns were addressed during a prenatal appointment in early October, the couple were talking about making appointments for the vaccination. But then they both got sick.

“On Monday the 11th, Thanksgiving, she could barely move, her breathing was difficult, so we decided you had better go to the hospital,” Bisette said.

The 39-year-old was flown to Victoria General Hospital that night and quickly deteriorated. St. Pierre’s pregnancy complicated her treatment options.

“They tried a technique called lying down, where they turned her over and supported her on her shoulders and hips and let the stomach come out of the lungs, let the child give her more room inside. . And it had never been done in British Columbia before, ”said Bisette.

But it didn’t work. Doctors were left with the last resort for critically ill COVID patients: an ECMO machine that does the work of the lungs. Saint-Pierre is also on a ventilator, in an artificial coma. She was transferred to the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, where her husband learned that the vast majority of people in her condition were not surviving.

“For me, it was upsetting to find out that your wife only had a 10% chance of surviving,” Bisette said in tears. “It’s quite difficult to manage. “

His distress is compounded by regret.

“I am 100% convinced that if we had been vaccinated a few months ago, we would not be in this position. That Krystal’s life would not be in danger at this time, ”he said.

Bisette is now urging those hesitant about the vaccine, especially those in northern British Columbia, to speak to healthcare professionals and get vaccinated.

In Fort St. John, British Columbia, resident Krystal St. Pierre is holding on to life in hospital after catching COVID-19. Her worried husband said she was six months pregnant and unvaccinated.

“People should take it as, even if you don’t understand it, you would do whatever you can to save the lives of your family members under any other circumstance. So why don’t you do it now? ” he said.

Peace River South MPP Mike Bernier, who has been a strong advocate for immunization in the North, is pleased that Bisette is speaking out.

“It must be just heartbreaking. And that Dwayne can have the strength to tell this story and maybe convince one more person to get the shot, good for him, ”said Bernier.

While St. Pierre is in intensive care at the Royal Columbian, her husband and two children, who are in quarantine in Fort St. John, can only see her on FaceTime.

“Even though Krystal is in a coma and she can’t respond, we can still talk to her and tell her that we miss her and love her,” he said.

Bernier said their story of separation is not unique.

“We have had over 60 people evacuated from the north to different parts of the province where they can find a bed. And in almost all cases, loved ones can’t be with them, ”said Bernier. “Fortunately, some are pulling though. “

Perhaps St. Pierre’s best chance is to deliver her baby girl early. Now that she is 28 weeks pregnant and the baby has a good chance of surviving the premature birth, a Caesarean section is being considered.

“It would actually increase Krystal’s chances of survival, it would be better for her.” So I leave it in the hands of the doctors, it’s the professionals, ”said Bisette, who tries to remain optimistic.

“I can’t wait to see my little girl and reunite with my wife. ”


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