UK is probing new variant of Delta Plus Covid, fearing it will experience fastest growth yet – .

UK is probing new variant of Delta Plus Covid, fearing it will experience fastest growth yet – .

A new strain of the Delta Plus variant of the coronavirus is under study in the UK amid fears it may still be growing on an empty stomach.
The UK Health Safety Agency said on Friday it had designated a subvariant called AY.4.2 as a “variant under investigation”, saying there was evidence it could be more transmissible than Delta.

‘The designation was made on the basis that this subline has become increasingly common in the UK in recent months, and there is early evidence that it may have an increased growth rate in the UK. United versus Delta, ”the UKHSA said.

“Although evidence is still emerging, so far it does not appear that this variant causes more serious disease or makes currently deployed vaccines less effective. “

The agency said there was no suggestion yet that the vaccines would be less effective against the strain.


Derby Telegraph)

It comes as government scientists have told Boris Johnson he must act now with Plan B measures if Britain is to reverse the surge in Covid cases as we move into winter.

Advice to the prime minister and his cabinet was released in the minutes of a meeting of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) on October 14.

Ministers were warned that “earlier intervention would reduce the need for tougher, disruptive and longer lasting measures.”

Strong evidence has shown that government advice to work from home would be the most effective measure, compared to wearing masks and introducing Covid passports.

Boris Johnson urged to act quickly



Despite the increase in confirmed cases of Covid reaching 50,000 and set to double in the coming weeks, ministers have refused to adopt such Plan B measures, instead insisting that the pressure on the NHS is ‘lasting’ .

The Sage paper stated: “The modeling suggests that the stringency of the measures required to control the transmission of a growing epidemic is increased by a faster doubling time.

“In the event of an increase in the number of cases, earlier intervention would reduce the need for stricter, disruptive and longer lasting measures. “

One in 55 people in England had Covid last week


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Figures released today also show that one in 55 people in England had Covid last week, a big jump from the week before.

The latest estimate from the Office for National Statistics warns that up to 1,028,800 may have had coronavirus last week.

Two weeks ago, one in 60 people in England was infected, meaning the rates are rising rapidly.

At the height of the second wave in early January, about one in 50 people had coronavirus.

The situation is even more dramatic in Wales, where 2.31% or one in 43 people returned a positive test.

Northern Ireland and Scotland do much better, with 0.76% (one in 131) or 1.14% (one in 84) respectively.

England’s R number reaches 1.2, which means coronavirus cases in the country are on the rise.

The weekly COVID-19 reproduction “R” number in England has been estimated between 1.0 and 1.2, the British Health Security Agency said on Friday.

An R number between 1.0 and 1.2 means that for every 10 people infected, they will infect an average of 10 to 12 other people.

Last week, R was estimated to be between 0.9 and 1.1.

The daily growth in infections was estimated to be between + 1% and + 3%, compared to -1% and + 2% the previous week.

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