U.S. Capitol Police Officer Charged with Helping Rioter Hide Evidence of Jan.6 Involvement – .

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Charged with Helping Rioter Hide Evidence of Jan.6 Involvement – .

A U.S. Capitol Police officer has been charged with obstructing justice after asking a Facebook contact to remove insurgency online posts on January 6.
The indictment states that Michael Riley told a person to remove any posts on social media showing that she was present during the Capitol riot when a pro-Trump crowd besieged the building for the purpose to prevent Congress from certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory. .

Prosecutors say Mr Riley, who was arrested Friday, sent a private message to someone who posted selfies from Jan.6 and videos of his presence on Capitol Hill. Mr Riley had been in the same fishing-focused Facebook groups as the individual.

« [I’m] a Capitol Police officer who agrees with your political position, ”Mr. Riley reportedly wrote. “Take the part of being in the building they’re investigating now and everyone who was in the building goes [be] accused. I’m just looking !

« [I’m] glad you got out of there unscathed. We have had over 50 officers injured, some quite seriously, ”Riley added.

More than 100 police officers were wounded on January 6.

In January, Mr. Riley also told the person to “get out of social media.”

“They arrest dozens of people a day. Everyone who was in the building was engaged in acts of violence or destruction of property… and they are all charged with crimes by the federal government, ”he allegedly wrote.

Mr Riley also spoke to the person on the phone, leading them to tell others that they were in contact with the “Capitol Police” and that others should expect trespassing charges.

According to United States Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger, Mr. Riley has been placed on administrative leave.

“Obstruction of justice is a very serious allegation. The Department was notified of this investigation several weeks ago. Upon his arrest, the officer was placed on administrative leave pending the conclusion of the case. The USCP Professional Liability Office will then initiate an administrative investigation, ”Manger said in a statement, CNN reported.

The indictment stated that Mr. Riley had worked for the department for 25 years.

On the day of the insurgency, he was working in the K-9 unit. Prosecutors said he was not working inside the Capitol building during the siege, adding that he instead responded to reports of an explosive device on Capitol Hill.

Mr Riley’s indictment did not identify the person he spoke to, but the allegations indicate that the individual was arrested on January 19 and that the FBI questioned the person about his communications with Mr. Riley.

The indictment adds that Mr. Riley deleted his own Facebook posts on January 20 and that in a final post the next day he said he was angry with the individual for smoking marijuana in Capitol and because he was “acting like a jerk.”


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