Twitter’s Dorsey warns of spike in inflation after platform ‘mistakenly’ censors GOP lawmaker’s video on … inflation – RT USA News – .

Twitter’s Dorsey warns of spike in inflation after platform ‘mistakenly’ censors GOP lawmaker’s video on … inflation – RT USA News – .

    Jack Dorsey devra peut-être se censurer après que le PDG de Twitter a tweeté que l'hyperinflation allait bientôt s'emparer des économies américaine et mondiale.  L'observation, qui ne correspond pas au récit des médias grand public, a suscité des réactions en ligne.

</p><div><div class="rtcode"><blockquote class="twitter-tweet lazyload" data-twitter="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">L'hyperinflation va tout changer.  Ça se passe.</p>- jack⚡️ (@jack) <a href="">23 octobre 2021</a></blockquote></div><p><em>"L'hyperinflation va tout changer"</em> Dorsey a déclaré vendredi soir.<em> "C'est en train d'arriver."</em> Lorsque l'homme d'affaires nigérian Tayo Oviosu – qui, comme Dorsey, est un passionné de crypto-monnaie – a noté que l'inflation montait déjà en flèche à un taux annuel de 16% dans son pays, le co-fondateur de Twitter a répondu :<em> "Cela arrivera bientôt aux États-Unis, et donc dans le monde."</em></p><div class="rtcode"><blockquote class="twitter-tweet lazyload" data-twitter="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Cela arrivera bientôt aux États-Unis, et donc dans le monde.</p>- jack⚡️ (@jack) <a href="">23 octobre 2021</a></blockquote></div><p>De telles prévisions peuvent sembler possibles, étant donné que l'indice des prix à la consommation américain augmente déjà à un taux annuel de 5,4 % et que la masse monétaire du pays explose.  En fait, comme l'a rapporté le Wall Street Journal plus tôt cette semaine, la masse monétaire dite M2, ou le volume total d'argent détenu par le public, a bondi de près de 36% entre fin 2019 et août 2021. rythme le plus rapide depuis près de 80 ans.

However, the hold drew a scathing scolding from MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who suggested Dorsey’s tweet may have been prompted at least in part by his cryptocurrency investments.

Hayes went so far as to equate the hyperinflation talk with promoting an antiparasitic drug to treat Covid-19 patients.

“Ideologically, it’s roughly the equivalent of tweeting about ivermectin”, Hayes tweeted.

CNN and other media have gone to war with ivermectin, calling it “Horse paste”. Social media platforms have flagged allegations regarding the potential applications of the Covid-19 drug as disinformation.

Others simply dismissed Dorsey’s warning, arguing the tech mogul was irrelevant.

Investment trader Christopher Inks, founder of TexasWest Capital, argued Dorsey’s prediction was irrelevant. “It doesn’t happen,” Inks tweeted. “This tweet is based on a clear misunderstanding of how the Fed actually works and (…) inflation. Love what you do otherwise, but it seems to be outside your wheelhouse.

Another commentator said hyperinflation would mean a currency collapse, adding, “Be careful what you wish for. “ Dorsey replied, “Not a wish – and I don’t think positive at all. “

Dorsey’s tweet has racked up over 66,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets since it was posted on Friday. In the past, however, the platform has been accused of censoring similar views.

In July, an inflation video posted by US minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Was tried “Sensitive contentBy Twitter censorship police, who limited his potential exposure by slapping him with a warning label.

The video showed a mother doing daily chores and listed the rising costs of items such as diapers and coffee. It ended by blaming President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for rising inflation, claiming they are “Make life more expensive.

A Twitter spokesperson later told The Federalist that the platform marked the tweet as sensitive. ” by mistake “.

The Biden administration and the US Federal Reserve have tried to play down the price hike, arguing that escalating inflation is “Transient.The mainstream media have joined in the effort to dispel the concerns. Media such as the Financial Times and Vox have called inflation fears “exaggerated,” while Bloomberg called the recent trend “Stimulus-induced aberrant value”.

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Hyperinflation could be economically devastating, as it is generally defined as runaway inflation in which consumer prices are rising at a rate of over 50% per month. Like precious metals, cryptocurrency is touted as a hedge against high inflation because it is not vulnerable to overspending by government and increasing money supply.

Inflation could become an increasingly taboo subject if it continues to accelerate. Bitcoin supporter Balaji Srinivasan noted that during inflation crises, governments tend to block the public from price data. “Twitter should prepare for the time it needs to verify the establishment’s facts about inflation,” he added. he said.

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