TSA supervisor at DFW airport dies after contracting COVID-19 – .

TSA supervisor at DFW airport dies after contracting COVID-19 – .

A notorious Transportation Security Administration supervisor at DFW International Airport died last week after contracting COVID-19, the agency said.

Clay King, who had worked for the TSA since 2002 and was a security watchdog, is the first reported COVID-19 death among TSA officers at DFW International Airport since the start of the COVID-pandemic- 19.

“He was very well thought of by his team and by those he met,” TSA said in a statement. “King was always positive, loved his job and believed strongly in TSA’s mission. He will be sadly missed and remembered. We offer our deepest condolences to King’s family, friends and colleagues.

King was honored in a speech by Congress in 2004 for pulling an unconscious man out of a burning vehicle on his way to work, according to a speech by Representative Michael Burgess, R-Pilot Point.

“Disregarding his own safety, Clay King opened the door and pulled the driver out of the burning wreckage,” Burgess said in his ground speech. “In doing so, he burned his right hand during the rescue because the flames had already reached the interior of the car and the legs of the passenger’s pants were on fire. Due to the heroic actions of Clay King, this person is alive today.

King called work after the rescue to ask permission to go home and change his clothes before returning for his shift. He was named “Screener of the Year” by the DFW TSA in 2004.

DFW International Airport has recorded 365 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. The agency does not report the number of officers stationed at each airport, but DFW has been the second largest airport in the country. country in the past year. and half.

Five other airports have reported more confirmed cases of COVID-19 among TSA agents than DFW, led by Miami International with 529.

TSA agents, as federal employees, must be vaccinated to comply with a White House order. However, TSA administrator David Pekoske told CNN earlier this month that about 60% of TSA employees have been vaccinated, below the rate of 68.9% for full vaccination of. adults reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The TSA did not report King’s immunization status.


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