Trump competes in ‘Tomahawk chop’ at World Series match – .

Trump competes in ‘Tomahawk chop’ at World Series match – .

Former United States President Donald Trump took part in the controversial “Tomahawk Chop” of Game 4 of the World Series in Atlanta on Saturday night.

The chop, a stadium-wide chant and a long-standing tradition at Braves games, has come under scrutiny in a nationwide discussion of racism and racial imagery in professional sports.

Several advocacy groups and observers accused the song of making fun of Native American groups and called it racist. But many Braves fans, including Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, dismissed the criticism, and the stadium led fans to sing the vocals in Matches 3 and 4 of the series.

Trump has often sought to politically capitalize on such controversies as part of an effort to galvanize white voters who make up much of his political base.

Former President and First Lady Melania Trump was joined by former NFL star Herschel Walker, who is running for a seat in the US Senate in Georgia. The former president’s support for Walker, which initially came from the reserves of much of the GOP establishment, has given the former running back a boost ahead of next year’s primary. Republicans hope to topple incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the general election.

In a statement earlier on Saturday, the former president said he “can’t wait to be at the World Series in Atlanta,” adding that he and Melania “were looking forward to a wonderful night watching two great teams!” “

He thanked MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and New York Yankees President Randy Levine for the invitation.

Atlanta Braves CEO Terry McGuirk told USA Today on Wednesday that Trump will not sit with team or MLB officials and that the Braves will give Trump his own follow-up.

“He called MLB and wanted to come to the game,” McGuirk told the newspaper. “We were very surprised. Of course we said yes. “

CNN previously reported on Wednesday that Trump was planning to attend Game 4, according to a person close to Trump who told CNN.

The Braves won 2-0 in Game 3 on Friday, giving them a 2-1 advantage over the Astros in the Top Seven series.

The former Republican president called for a boycott of baseball last year after the MLB decided in April to move its all-star game from Atlanta in response to Georgia’s restrictive voting laws.

The last baseball game Trump attended was in 2019 at the Nationals Park in Washington, DC, when the Nationals hosted the Astros in Game 5. The crowd booed and sang “Lock it up” when Trump was shown. on the video screen of the park. during a tribute to veterans.

His 2020 presidential campaign also made a seven-figure advertising buy in the final match of the 2019 World Series.

Trump attended several sporting events during his tenure as president and received much warmer greetings from the crowds at NASCAR’s Daytona 500, college football games in the deep red states of Alabama and Louisiana, and when he did the toss at the 119th Annual Army-Navy Game.

Since leaving office, Trump has attended a UFC fight card in July and commented on a boxing match on September 11.

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