Trudeau sets timeline for general vaccine mandates in Canada – .

Trudeau sets timeline for general vaccine mandates in Canada – .

Canada will make vaccination mandatory from the end of October for air and rail passengers, and from October 29 for federal government employees, including members of the military and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, announced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday.

“We have traveled a lot of ground against Covid-19,” Trudeau said at a press conference in the capital, Ottawa. “But our fight is not over. “

Officials who are still unvaccinated and do not have verified medical exemptions will be placed on unpaid leave as of November 15, he said. The federal government estimates that more than 80 percent of its 300,450 civilian workers – more than 240,000 people – are already fully immunized. The army has approximately 95,000 regular and reservist members, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has approximately 19,000 officers.

“It’s very simple,” Trudeau said of the possibility that a large number of government workers will miss the November 15 deadline. “If you want to continue working for the Public Service of Canada, you have to be fully immunized. “


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