Troy Smocks Sentenced to 14 Months for Threats in Capitol Riot – .

Troy Smocks Sentenced to 14 Months for Threats in Capitol Riot – .

Troy Smocks was sentenced to 14 months in prison for his involvement in posting online threats during the January 6 uprising (Photos: Dallas County Sheriff’s Department; Reuters)

A Texas man who urged rioters on Capitol Hill to ‘kick out’ Democrats, tech executives and others has received the harshest punishment ever linked to the Jan. 6 insurgency – despite not being there. is not rendered itself.

Troy Smocks, a black man from Dallas, was sentenced Thursday to 14 months in prison for posting threatening social media messages during the riots from his hotel room in Washington DC.

He pleaded guilty in September to transmitting interstate threats and will get credit for the nine months he spent in jail after his arrest in January. His sentence is the longest to date resulting from the riot investigation.

District Judge Tanya Chutkan said, “Mr. Smocks, from the security of his hotel room, had the nerve to call the people who were trying to defend the Capitol that day from ‘cowards’. He had the audacity to call the rioters “patriots”.

Smocks posted threatening messages on the Parlor social media app, urging people to take up arms as ‘American patriots’ (Photo: REUTERS)

Coats posted on the right-wing social media platform Parlor under the username “ColonelTPerez” urging people to take up arms as “American patriots.”

He said that in doing so, they would follow the advice of former President Donald Trump, his son Eric Trump and Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, who all spoke at the rally “Stop the Steal Before the riot.

“Prepare our weapons, then go get them,” he would have posted on January 7, according to CNN.

‘Hunt these cowards like the traitors that each of them is. This includes RINOS, 1 Dems, and Tech Execs. We now have the green light. [All] who resist the United States are enemies of our constitution and should be treated as such, ”Smocks wrote. ‘Today the cowards ran as We took the Capital. They got it back now, only because we left. It was not the building we wanted. . . it was them!

Smocks told people on social media to prepare their weapons the day after the Capitol riot (Photo: REUTERS)

The Texas man has a long criminal record, posing as a government or military official on numerous occasions, which Judge Chutkan said weighed heavily in her decision.

During his sentencing hearing, Smocks said he believed he was being treated harsher than the White Capitol riot defendants and claimed racism was at the root of his conviction.

“Your honor, this is racism. This is why there are many more black and brown men in prison than white men for the same crime, ”he said. “I’m not Dr King, close by, but we share the same skin color and the same idea of ​​justice. ”

Upon his sentencing, Smocks said he felt he was receiving harsher treatment than the other rioters on Capitol Hill because of his race.

Upon his conviction, Smocks said he felt he was receiving harsher treatment than other rioters on Capitol Hill because of his race (Photo: AP)

However, Chatkan, who is also black, strongly dismissed his claims of racism, saying his comparison to Dr King was “offensive.”

She told him: “People have died fighting for civil rights. People were beaten, they were tortured mentally and physically.

“For you to present yourself as a soldier in this fight is daring. ”

Nineteen rioters on Capitol Hill were sentenced, most of them to federal offenses. Eleven were sentenced to prison terms.

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