Tour de France Women: Gracie Elvin Says Canberra Cyclist Chloe Hosking Can Win Stage in Revolutionary New Event

Tour de France Women: Gracie Elvin Says Canberra Cyclist Chloe Hosking Can Win Stage in Revolutionary New Event

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Canberra’s Chloe Hosking will excel in the all-new women’s Tour de France, said retired Australian cycling champion Gracie Elvin. Elvin, also from Canberra, said the event will catapult women’s cycling onto the world stage. The race, which will be called Tour de France Femmes, was announced by Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme last week. Elvin places great importance on the course, with its variety of sprint stages, medium hill stages and a few climbing stages to finish the race. “And it goes without saying that local Chloe Hosking, who is one of the best sprinters in the world, and has been for a very long time, will be delighted to see the sprint stages on the Tour,” said Elvin. “Because they are at the start of the Tour, it gives the sprinters the opportunity to win the yellow jersey to wear. For someone like Chloe, winning the very first yellow jersey on day one, winning the very first yellow jersey on the Tour de France Women is a big deal. “For the Canberrans, we will all go for Chloe. The Tour de France Women will start on July 24 and run until July 31. The race will start at the Champs-Élysées on the same day that the men finish their race. It will take place over eight stages with cyclists enduring a tough ascent at La Planche des Belles Filles to finish the race. It’s an event that can really change the landscape of cycling. It is a sport that has progressed well over the past five or ten years. But to have an event like this to get so much international attention. It really is the global stage on which women’s cycling can perform, ”said Elvin. “Because the regular Tour de France, the men’s version, is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. “It’s already a huge platform for men’s cycling and for us to be able to take advantage of that coverage and attention is going to accelerate progress in the sport. It’s a really important event to have on our calendar. The original Women’s Tour de France was boxed in 1989 after a brief five-year stint alongside the men’s race. The announcement comes after years of women’s participation in La Course, a one- or two-day specialist event held in conjunction with the Tour since 2014. But La Course was a showcase event and did not offer women the opportunity to participate. compete in an appropriate stage. race. “I was very lucky to be at the start line in the very first in 2014 and I was able to make a few additions. And it was so important back then, but that year [2014] we were kind of promised it would turn into a multi-day race, ”Elvin said. “It’s taken until now to finally get away from a one-day race. It has been a long time coming and long promised. “Earlier this year, when we heard this was happening, we were a little bit incredulous because we had been promised it for so long. For Elvin, who retired in 2020, the announcement of the Tour de France Women is a bit bittersweet. “I’m definitely going to stay retired, but it’s funny to think, maybe I should [race again]. The good thing about women’s cycling is that it is getting so professional now and we have some great races, ”said Elvin. “A few weeks ago, we organized the very first Paris-Roubaix for women. It was something I always wanted to do, but unfortunately I retired a year too early. “As any athlete knows, no matter what the sport, there is always another great race, and sometimes it is very difficult to know when to end. So you’ll just have to accept that you’ll be a little sad when you miss some great things that are finally coming to fruition, especially for women. “But it’s okay, I’m still going to cheer and watch and really excited for my friends that are out there. “



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