Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks wants Nuno to speak as he struggles to make sense of his disgrace – .

Tottenham midfielder Harry Winks wants Nuno to speak as he struggles to make sense of his disgrace – .

Harry Winks admitted he had no idea how he had gone from Tottenham and England to a disappointing level for Spurs’ second string in the Europa Conference League, as the midfielder revealed his frustration faced with his lack of regular football.

He insisted he was only responsible for his form but said he needed regular football to get back to his best.

Once a great hope for Gareth Southgate’s England side, the 25-year-old has not appeared for his country since November 2020 and has only played an hour in the Premier League this season.
When asked if he could make sense of his dramatic fall, Winks replied, “No, I can’t. But listen, the circumstances are I’m in this situation.
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” Sure [my confidence is low]. When the players aren’t playing well and you have only you to blame, it’s hard. I want to be at my best, shoot and play really well. It comes with games. But at the end of the day, I play on the pitch when I get the chance.
“If I don’t do that, then I just have to blame myself.” I am man enough to admit that there are some areas that I need to improve myself. Rather, I need to play games and the only way to [improve] gets minutes and recovers that sharpness.
“I love Tottenham, I’ve always said it clearly, but I want to play football,” he added. “And I want to play football regularly. The only way to play your best football, to gain momentum, is to play regularly.
“I give everything for the club, of course. They stayed by my side, I stayed by their side – and I want to play for Tottenham.
“But it’s tough when you get games here and there, the confidence is low and you don’t get that series of games. “
Winks has said he’s not thinking about the January transfer window, but admitted he wants a chat with Nuno “when the time comes”.
“I don’t think so far [to January] “, did he declare. “I have a lot of games to try and fight for the club. There are still two months left and it’s a matter of getting started, working as hard as possible and not regretting.
“When the time is right I will have a conversation [with the manager] but for now it is important that the team and the manager focus on the next game and not be distracted by me. “
Nuno left his starting XI in the win over Newcastle in London to prepare for Sunday’s game against West Ham and Winks appeared to question the decision, while reiterating that the team were not good enough here at Arnhem.
“It’s hard,” he said. “We’re supposed to be a team. It’s supposed to be competition. It’s supposed to be competitive. Everyone should be fighting for the weekend games and it’s tough. The motivation should be that everyone is fighting for the same cause and the same thing.
“But when we go out on this pitch and we don’t play in the [first] team, we need to correct that, make a point and show the manager that we should play in the team. And when we lose like we did, we don’t. It is up to us, but there are a lot of factors behind it.
“We’re Tottenham and whoever comes out on the pitch, we should win those kinds of games. There are no excuses.
“We didn’t play well enough. They beat us, they dominated us. They played better, with more creativity. In my opinion, they completely dominated us. It is not good enough. It’s not good enough for Tottenham. We ‘I have to come to these places and dominate and win. “
Thursday’s loss, which was sealed by the volley from Maximilian Wittek, continued a pattern of underperformance of Spurs’ fringe players.
Last season Jose Mourinho’s second team were humiliated by Dinamo Zagreb in the Europa League round of 16, while Nuno’s side have already lost to Pacos de Ferreira and drawn with Rennes.
“There are a number of different reasons why,” Winks said. “First of all, as players, we put our hands up. We weren’t good enough.
“We are the ones on the pitch, we are the ones who have to go out and play. There are no excuses. But it’s difficult when you don’t play regularly. It’s hard to get into these games when the teams have fans behind them, they’re ready.
“When you play a game every few weeks, it’s hard to match that energy, that pace and their confidence. There are a lot of different reasons why we haven’t been good enough this year and last year in these competitions. At the end of the day, as players we are not performing enough and we should be.
“We want to win for Tottenham, win games and shoot in the same direction. When you don’t play regularly, it’s difficult. It’s hard to have that confidence as a team. But it’s important for everyone to know that we are fighting to play for Tottenham. The motivation is to get into the team and play regularly, but as I keep saying, if we don’t succeed when we have chances, it’s up to us. ”


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