Toronto Public School Board Extends COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Deadline by Three Weeks – .

Toronto Public School Board Extends COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Deadline by Three Weeks – .

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has announced that it will extend the November 2 COVID-19 vaccination deadline by almost three weeks for some workers as it grapples with employees who will not respond to its questions and a high number of medical exemption claims.

In a newsletter distributed by trustee Shelley Laskin, the TDSB says it will not place all unvaccinated employees on unpaid home assignments on November 2, as it has promised.

Instead, only employees who have not completed a vaccination attestation form or rapid antigen test every two weeks since early September will be placed on unpaid leave on that date.

“While staff who have not submitted their attestation or rapid antigen test results will be assigned to their homes without pay from November 2, full implementation will take place over the next three weeks,” said the bulletin. “This decision was based on feedback from system leaders, a longer than expected time frame to review a significant number of exemption requests and to ensure continuity of student learning and care and important business processes.” . “

Spokesman Ryan Bird told CP24 that staff who told council he was not vaccinated will now have until November 19 to receive their first dose and until December 19 to receive the second.

Staff who still have not received a dose of COVID-19 vaccine as of November 21 will be placed on unpaid leave.

Anyone who requests a medical exemption and is denied will have 45 days from the time they are denied a dose of vaccine and will be required to undergo a rapid antigen test every two weeks during that time.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce said yesterday that across Ontario’s education sector there could be as many as 50,000 workers in all capacities who are not vaccinated or who have not disclosed their immunization status.

The Department of Education told CTV News Toronto that it estimates there are at least 46,000 education workers who are not fully immunized.

At TDSB, staff say that as of Oct. 22, 85 percent of employees to whom their vaccination mandate will apply have certified that they are fully vaccinated.

Another 1705 people, or four percent of the workforce, have yet to complete a vaccination attestation form, leaving 4,188, or 11 percent of its employees who are not vaccinated and have told the TDSB in a certificate.

The TDSB says it will continue to communicate directly with employees who have not yet completed an attestation.

“It is believed that many of those who have not yet completed the form are casual employees who may not have yet worked for the school board this school year,” the staff wrote in a report distributed to the commissioners. .

The TDSB immunization mandate applies to all teachers, school counselors, school administrators, bus drivers, interns, and co-op program students placed on the board and all others who provide services to children in the community. schools, volunteers or others.

He initially ruled that everyone receive two injections of an approved COVID-19 vaccine by November 1.

Although the TDSB has not disclosed how many of its employees have requested medical or other exemptions from vaccination, it said it has approved five exemptions so far.

The ratio of 12.5 approved exemptions per 100,000 approved at TDSB is higher than the ratio of 1 to 5 per 100,000 that public health officials suggest in the general population.


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