Tony Khan reacts to AEW Rampage vs. WWE SmackDown ratings – .

Tony Khan reacts to AEW Rampage vs. WWE SmackDown ratings – .

AEW President, CEO, CEO and Chief Creative Officer Tony Khan took to Twitter this evening to respond to ratings for Friday’s AEW Rampage and WWE Supersized SmackDown episodes.
As reported, Friday’s WWE Supersized SmackDown on FS1 drew 866,000 viewers with a 0.24 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The show attracted 314,000 viewers aged 18 to 49. On Friday, AEW Rampage on TNT drew 578,000 viewers with a rating of 0.24 in the 18-49 demo. Rampage attracted 313,000 viewers aged 18 to 49. Rampage beat SmackDown in a demographic on Friday night, and also outscored SmackDown face-to-face in the 30-minute overlap in the 18-49 key demographic. You can click here for our original evaluation report on both shows, and click here for demo breakdowns for Rampage and SmackDown.

Khan has spent the last week tweeting and doing media interviews to promote Friday’s Rampage, and was largely responsible for the mini-war between WWE SmackDown and AEW Rampage last Friday night. Shortly after the drop in viewership and key demo numbers earlier in the evening, Khan took to Twitter and rallied his fans.

“Let’s go @AEW fans! Glad to see the half-hour one-on-one numbers from last Friday, we’ll find out soon. Above all, I’m looking forward to another great wrestling weekend this weekend! See you for #AEWRampage Friday + #AEWDynamite one more Saturday before the return to Wednesdays! “

Khan then responded to a tweet from Pro Wrestling Torch, which noted how Rampage had attracted 578,000 viewers, up from 502,000 the week before, to SmackDown’s 866,000. The tweet also noted how AEW and WWE were tied with a 0.24 rating in the 18-49 key demo and 0.20 in the U18-34 demo. The tweet also highlighted how AEW beat WWE in the U18-49 demo by 0.34-0.32.

Khan replied, “I’m just estimating, but it suggests to me that we’ve probably done quite well in the one-on-one reviews yet to be released from 10pm to 10:30 pm, a fight I didn’t ask for. for or to start, but for which I was more than willing to introduce myself and which I was delighted to participate in.

Khan then responded to a tweet from Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer, noting viewership and key ratings for the demo. He wrote, “Wait until we get the one-on-one numbers from 10 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., then check the answers to that, Bryan. “

Once news broke of Rampage beating SmackDown in the 30-minute overlap on Friday night, with 328,000 key demo viewers at 285,000, Khan responded and rallied his fans and employees again.


Khan made another response to the tweet on Rampage winning the 30-minute overlap, simply linking to the October 8 tweet to remind fans of what he said about WWE adding the 30-minute ad-free to SmackDown.

The linked October 8 tweet said, “I saw you were doing half an hour one-on-one with us. I can’t wait to finally beat your main one-on-one show. It has been a long time coming. See you next Friday for #AEWRampage on @AEWonTNT! “

Khan was not yet finished as he responded to a Saturday morning tweet from sports reporter Darren Rovell, who commented on how WWE scored a “big win” based on the quick national championships that were released on Saturday.

“WWE had a big win last night over AEW, even after SmackDown was transferred to FS1 due to the MLB playoffs. SmackDown: 793,000 viewers Rampage: 549,000 viewers, ”Rovell wrote on Saturday.

Khan responded to this tweet tonight and wrote: “Here is a story that no one shared with you over the weekend but I’ll give you rn, dog: @AEW got a big win over WWE after the WWE aggressively extended their Friday show by 30 minutes and loaded one-on-one from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. against #AEWRampage, with AEW Rampage winning 328k to 285k (+ 15% margin).

AEW and WWE will face off again on Friday, October 29 as SmackDown returns to FS1 due to MLB coverage on FOX. An hour-long episode of Talking Smack is currently scheduled against Rampage that night, but both shows will be affected due to coverage of the MLB World Series.

Stay tuned for more. You can see Khan’s full tweets below:


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