Tom Davies and Tommy Makinson star as England’s first blitz stuns France

Tom Davies and Tommy Makinson star as England’s first blitz stuns France

An almost perfect first quarter proved enough for England to resist a gallant French second-half effort and secure Shaun Wane’s first victory as national coach.

Wane’s team for the Test in Perpignan consisted of eight debutants, with an obvious eye towards next year’s World Cup and a chance for some players to show they can come out on top in his thinking. He will have been impressed with what he saw in the first quarter, with England advancing within a minute against Laurent Frayssinous’ side, whom they will meet in the group stage of the tournament in 2022.

Tryouts from Liam Farrell, Tom Davies, Tommy Makinson and captain John Bateman gave the visitors a 20-0 lead as France struggled to find an answer. But the second half was a whole different story, as England struggled in the heat of Perpignan and the hosts finally found their marks. They were only able to score twice thanks to Corentin Le Cam and Justin Sangaré, but it was no less than their efforts deserved.

Wane will no doubt have been frustrated with England’s declining level of performance after the 20-minute opening in sterling, but considering this was only the second time in more than 600 days that ‘They were on their way to the field, perhaps that was to be expected. As long as British rugby constantly devalues ​​the international game, more England will fail to realize its potential.

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Davies’ test was the choice of the top four, a remarkable one-handed finish that suited the international stage. Wonderful attacking play led by debutant Jordan Abdull and half-back Jonny Lomax then led to tries for Makinson and Bateman. But as half-time approaches, France is starting to gain the upper hand.

They were duly rewarded after the restart when Le Cam crossed the finish line, and had two more tries not been denied England could have finished nervously. Instead, they weathered the storm and ultimately put the result beyond doubt when Makinson won his second try, and while Sangaré provided another consolation for France, the visitors completed the scoring with the second. of Bateman in the afternoon.


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