Tobacco stores in France can now have ATMs as a last addition to services – .

Tobacco stores in France can now have ATMs as a last addition to services – .

Vending machines are now available in tobacco stores in France, in the latest move to diversify their services as tobacco sales continue to decline.
About twenty ATMs will be installed in tobacco “From November”, confirmed the tobacco group Confederation of tobacconists, and Loomis, a subsidiary of the security group Securitas, specializing in the movement of funds.

The service will also be offered to the 24,000 tobacco traders in France.

Philippe Coy, president of the Confederation of tobacconists, told Le Figaro: “Cash out is an essential service, which can be easily integrated by the network.

He said that tobacco shops have a “local utility” and are “very available”, as they are open “on average 12 hours a day, six days a week”.

Tobacco: Much more than tobacco

Tobacco (full name tobacconists) in France were mainly used to sell tobacco, as their name (meaning “tobacco”) indicates. But many have long since diversified as tobacco and cigarette sales decline and cigarette pack prices soar.

With a turnover of 40 billion euros per year in the sector, only 21.8 billion euros now come from tobacco products.

Other sales include lottery tickets (10.7 billion euros), horse races and gambling (3 billion euros), bar and catering services (1.8 billion euros), press and newspaper sales (€ 1 billion), snacks (€ 700 million) and vaping products (€ 220 million).

Some tobacco have diversified further and offer services such as payment of taxes and invoices, management and printing assistance, payment for schools and nurseries, collection and sending of parcels, La Post office, the sale of SNCF train tickets.

Some have recently partnered with the Casino supermarket chain to provide additional food and drink options; and some also offer Nickel banking services.

Often described as “bankless banking”, Nickel accounts can be opened quickly at participating tobacconists.

Nickel was launched in 2014 in partnership with a handful of tobacco, but has since grown rapidly, with 70,000+ customers. In 2017, it was bought by the banking giant BNP Paribas and is now expanding across Europe.

Did you know?

The sale of tobacco remains a state monopoly in France, created by Louis XIV in 1674.

In the 19th century, operating licenses tobacconists were only allocated to demobilized ex-combatants with a clean criminal record, or to widows or orphans of the military.

This system ended in 1906 but it is still common to find tobacconists led by former soldiers.

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