tips, treats and a new challenger for the champion – .

tips, treats and a new challenger for the champion – .

Monday evening gross was live from Houston, TX this week. As usual, Claire is on play-by-play and I’m your guy for the color commentary.

Let’s talk Brut!

Royal battle

Brut started this week with four men courting Big E for a shot at his WWE Championship. Seth Rollins deserves the title is his because he is Seth Rollins and never had a chance at the Universal Championship. Rey Mysterio wants one more round with the title because there is more light at the end of his tunnel. Finn Balor is not only the first Universal Champion, but one of the greatest NXT Champions in history. His resume speaks for itself, but he thought a megaphone might help his cause. And then there’s Kevin Owens, who boasts about his own CV and the fact that he has already beaten Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.

What if four men want the same thing and a simple chat is not enough? If you said a game of paper, rock, scissors, or a spelling contest, then you are clearly reading the wrong site and the wrong review. If you said to put them in the ring with ladders and a contract hovering over the ring then you are in the right place and terribly far-sighted.

It didn’t take long for the ladder to make an appearance, as the KO power bombarded Finn Balor on one and then presented his back to the same ladder after Seth Rollins walked away from the KO attempt at Swanton. Like all ranking games, the momentum was hard to capture. Whenever it seemed like someone was ready to take full control of the game, there was someone else to stand-off. Example? Glad you asked.

In the overnight spot, Mysterio tried to knockout 619 but his path was blocked by Rollins. The legend got rid of Rollins and then finished what he had started with a knockout in recovery who just had a ladder in his hands. Rey then used the same ladder to land right over a groggy knockout outside the ring.

And even after all that, Rey was not in control. In fact, as the match went on, KO took revenge on Mysterio, who got a little too big for his panties, and bombarded the legend across a table.

But the one who is constant in the game? The only person who was in the middle of it all? Seth Rollins.

The visionary dropped KO through a ladder, stomped on Prince Balor, and climbed step by step to strike his dance card with the WWE Champion.

It was a good ladder match between four pros who set up a very steep hill for Big E to climb. Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre are no slouch, but neither are they Seth Rollins. The ladder match restored Seth after Edge beat him to Crown jewel and reminded everyone why their stats sheet is filled from top to bottom.

The catch, so to speak, is what story do they tell. If it’s just a longer version of Drew and E, I miss it. We know the two can make a good match, but it takes a memorable story to lift the belt and the man who holds it. I don’t know if this will be anywhere close to what Seth and Edge just did, but it is in itself a problem. If the WWE Championship doesn’t deserve a story with so much thought, or the same amount of thought put into Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship stories, then why are we here?

But that’s a potential complaint for a later date. Tonight they killed him.

The serpent and the rainbow

Dirty Dawgz received title shot after ‘winning’ triple threat game earlier Brut. Details on that are below, but to make a long story short, they got into the incredibly fresh match for two guys who battled The Street Profits. and Alpha Academy. Big Bob – always so funny – and Dolph Ziggler took him to the tag champions from the start. And as an elder Smack down champions, of course they did. The question was whether they could isolate Riddle long enough and stop an assault from Randy Orton. Riddle focuses more on Halloween costumes than defending their titles, so it was easy to get him out of his game.

But even when Randy walked in, the song was still the same. Sure he got a few shots, but the dirt dogs did as the name suggests and got that little extra outside the ring. After isolating Randy from his partner, Dolph did his best to subdue the Viper to no avail.

The quick and furious ending featured an RKO to Big Bob, a superkick to Randy, and then a mat wrestling between Riddle and Dolph, showcasing the amateur wrestling ability both men possess.

The champions of the tag have entered Brut with the belts and out with the belts. A fun tag match that establishes the Dirty Dawgz as formidable contenders who could catch the slipping champions one day and win those titles.

the hunter’s night

I love Bianca Belair. I really love this woman and everything she does in the ring. Unsurprisingly, her segment with Becky Lynch this week was as close to perfect as it gets. Lynch fell as the triumphant – and NEW –Brut Women’s champion. She told her usual garbage that she was the best and the fact that she walked out of Saudi Arabia with her belt in her hand proves it.

But Bianca is on the hunt this week and was aiming for the champion to dispel all her misconceptions.

Bianca rightly noted a few things: A. Becky cheated, and second, Becky pinned Sasha, not Bianca. Just when I thought this feud was going in a typical direction, it hopefully turned into something deeper. Belair pointed out that Becky was in her feelings because even with the belt over her shoulder and the mountain under her feet, fans still cheer Bianca more than Becky. In fact, they hardly encourage Becky. And it devours her whether Bianca is EST with or without a championship on her shoulders. Meanwhile, Becky is nothing without her.

It’s a similar note to WWE with Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss a few months ago, but hopefully she gets more legs here. Of course, a fight ensued and Becky, in anger, granted Bianca her championship match next week.

Extracurricular activities

Silver bullet

This week’s first match was a three-way dance between The Street Profits, The Dirty Dawgz and Alpha Academy for a opportunity a shot at Brut tag champions. On the same night, notice. Obviously, each team’s goal was to get a quick W so they wouldn’t be in bad shape when they face RK-Bro later.

Rightly so, the team that took the fewest hits, those old dirt dogs, got the W. But not without some bickering going through Omos chasing his ox with the profits from the streets.

Queen of screams

Queen Zelina started the week with her scepter in hand, a crown on her head and a throne to sit on. Coming in and out of a British accent – I think it was British – Zelina told anyone within earshot how dominant her reign would be. She will be generous, cruel, loved, and feared. Ambitious as hell, right?

This was all set up for a rematch with Doudrop, who ultimately took the L when the Queen used the referee’s ineptitude to strike Doudrop with her scepter. Corey Graves – congratulations by the way! – stated that Doudrop hit the scepter. I laughed heartily.

The Phantom of the Opera

Liv Morgan paid tribute to Chucky while Carmella – congratulations! – donned her Phantom of the Opera mask that would make Lon Cheney Sr. blush. Carmella took the win after a short physical contest which, of course, involved Graves in some way because duh. The game really didn’t do anything for me and I’m not sure where we’re going with this one. Meh.


Cédric Richmond tried. I mean, he really did. Corn Keith Bearcat Lee was a man on a mission. And no, he didn’t wave his hands side by side with Sir Mo. They still need to clear up that naming convention with him. Sometimes it’s just Bearcat Lee. Other times it’s Keith “Bearcat” Lee. But apparently what matters is domination.

Meanwhile, why have we resurrected The Hurt Business? I ask for myself and a friend because we are both very confused.

Psychosis II

Damian Priest showed up with a new look and apparently a new gadget. Now he’s got that split personality where if you piss him off he goes from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk. T-BAR angered him during their match when he threw a chair at him like a lawn dart and got a DQ. Mr. Bar then found out that he didn’t like Damian when he was angry. The priest took a look, threw said chair back at T-Bar, punched him in the barricade, then left the man lying down with a judgment.

Did priest need this? Raise your shoulders. But it is progress.

Without friend

Am I the only one who is baffled by the fact that we make matches with threats to take selfies in the ring? I can’t be, can I? Somehow, the selfie is now the most disrespectful thing anyone can do and Austin Theory is the king of this particular brand of disrespect. Austin challenged Dominik Mysterio to a game because Dom said no to a selfie.

The two put on an okay so seemingly unnecessary match. Theory got the W in a decent deal.

Brut was solid tonight. The show was only for people we care about, and there was no stench on the menu. The ladder match didn’t disappoint and they made all of Houston want to see Becky lose her title to Bianca after the rush.

I was amused by the sport.

Note : B+

It’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. Your turn.


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