Thomas Tuchel tells Callum Hudson-Odoi ‘a good game against Norwich won’t prove anything’ – .

Thomas Tuchel tells Callum Hudson-Odoi ‘a good game against Norwich won’t prove anything’ – .

Thomas Tuchel challenged Callum Hudson-Odoi, warning the winger that a good game against Norwich City will prove nothing.

Injuries to Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner, who Tuchel says will miss at least the next two games, could provide an opportunity for Hudson-Odoi, who had an impact as a substitute against Malmö in the Champions League.

Hudson-Odoi’s last start for Chelsea was against Southampton just before the international break, but he was pulled after 65 minutes.

Chelsea fans were eager to see the 20-year-old given an extended chance in his preferred position to the left of the top three, rather than a makeshift right-back.

But Tuchel has made it clear that a good performance against Norwich would not be enough to convince him that Hudson-Odoi is ready to make a regular debut.

When asked if, with Lukaku and Werner absent, this could be a potential turning point for Hudson-Odoi, Tuchel replied, “The only person who can decide this and answer this question is Callum. It’s that simple.

“Is there a turning point? Okay, he has to prove it. He has to play the next 250 games at the highest level and that would be the turning point. But is it a turning point if he has a brilliant game tomorrow (against Norwich)? No.

“It’s only a turning point if he makes a turning point and a turning point is only if he doesn’t just have a good game, a good half-time, a good 60 minutes, but if he does it regularly . It’s that easy with every player.

“Once you’ve done that, you’ll have more minutes. Once you have more minutes, you might look back and say, “This is a turning point”. You have to fight for it. You have to earn it. It has to be a perfect fit at a perfect time.

“Sometimes it takes a little luck. But in the end, the only person who can answer that question is Callum. And we will support him in this situation.

Tuchel also clarified the comments he made to German media regarding the possibility of signing Erling Haaland earlier this week, saying he joked and “fell into a trap”.

Why is Tuchel so hard on Hudson-Odoi?

Tuchel is not the first manager to challenge Hudson-Odoi, who would often find himself challenged by former head coach Frank Lampard.

Tuchel and Lampard before him both suggested that Hudson-Odoi needed to do more in training and then better take a chance when it comes.

There was a clear sense that the winger will be happy with an awesome skill or moment, rather than keeping his foot on the accelerator and pushing further.

Did Hudson-Odoi use it?

Everyone who knows Hudson-Odoi says how nice he is and how easy it is to get along with him.

But questions have been raised about some of the advice he received, given that he handed in a transfer request in his landmark year and also violated coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Tuchel this season has questioned the decision to turn down an Under-21 appeal and it hasn’t been particularly well spent around Chelsea that the club and Tuchel have been accused of somehow letting the player down after turning down a loan offer from Borussia Dortmund.

How important is his last chance?

At one point, Hudson-Odoi has to justify the hype, although it should also be noted that at only 20 years old he has already accomplished a lot.

After giving him a huge contract worth over £ 100,000 a week just over two years ago, Chelsea are now reportedly hoping for a bit more from the academy graduate.

He still has time for him, but with the quality of Tuchel’s squad, it’s hard to imagine him playing more than a partial role this season if he doesn’t impress in the next few games.

It’s not so much now or never, but rather now or hardly ever in terms of what to expect in terms of startup if it fails to produce.


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