This British bakery has been ordered to stop using “illegal sprinkles” – .

This British bakery has been ordered to stop using “illegal sprinkles” – .

Bakery owner Rich Myers never thought he would be visited by “the sprinkler police.”
“We were open as usual, and a man from Trading Standards came in, who are the people who tell you when you’ve been mean,” said Myers, owner of Get Baked in Leeds, England. As it happens host Carol Off.

“And he said, ‘You are being investigated for selling illegal sprinkles.’ And this is the first time that we have known that. ‘ “

Get Baked uses sprinkles imported from the United States, which Myers says are much better for baking than the British type. But American nuggets, he has just learned, contain a food coloring that is not approved for use in baked goods.

It’s called erythrosine, also known as Red Dye No. 3 or E 127, and UK rules only allow its use in candied cherries and cocktail cherries, selon BBC News. Studies have suggested that it may be linked to hyperactivity in children And one increased risk of thyroid tumors in male rats.

“Look, I’m not a scientist, and if that’s what they say, then I believe them,” Myers said. “But the only thing I would say is I think there are a lot of things that cause hyperactivity in children that are legal, like a lot of the global companies that sell a lot of sodas and sodas that contain caffeine… and I think that’s probably more of a problem than the sprinkles, to be fair. “


West Yorkshire Trading Standards, the regional arm of the agency which enforces consumer protection law in the UK, did not respond to a request for comment from As it happens, most said on Twitter that he had been bombarded with media inquiries about the ‘sprinklegate’ and was sticking to his decision.

“We stand by the advice given and urge all food business operators, when looking to use imported food with additives, to verify that it is approved for use in the UK,” he said. about sprinkles made in the United States.

Neither Trading Standards nor the UK Food Standards Agency responded to questions about whether the color poses a different risk in sprinkles than in candied cherries and cocktails.

Erythrosine is activated the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s list of approved food colors. When asked if there were any Canadian restrictions on the type of foods containing erythrosine, the agency referred the matter to Health Canada, which promised to look into the matter.

The ‘Birthday Bruce’ – a 24-layer chocolate cake with sprinkles – will no longer be available at Get Baked in Leeds, UK, after West Yorkshire Trading Standards ordered them to stop using ‘illegal chips. »Imported from the United States. (Submitted by Rich Myers)

Myers, meanwhile, would rather avoid watering than settle for an inferior local product.

“The colors flow, they are not vivid, they do not cook well,” he said.

(He was less generous in his review on the Get Baked Facebook page, where he wrote, “They’re totally shitty and I hate them.”)

Instead, it pulls the Get Baked products that feature nuggets – their best-selling raspberry glazed donut cookies and “Birthday Bruce”.

“We sell a chocolate cake called Bruce, which is very famous. It’s a 24-tier chocolate cake, ”he said. “We’re doing a birthday version of Bruce where, if it’s your birthday, we’ll put some glitter on Bruce for free. But obviously we won’t be able to do it anymore. “

Someone laughed at us for the waterings. Crazy, I know.– Rich Myers, owner of the bakery

Myers says he did not import the “illegal” glitter himself, but bought them from a UK supplier. In fact, he says they’re quite commonly sold in the UK and used by many bakeries, several of which are much larger than his.

“The sprinkler police are going to be very busy, and it’s a shame that we were the first to feel the wrath of the sprinkler police, but we certainly felt the anger, for sure. “

He doesn’t know how he got himself noticed, but suspects someone has reported him.

“Someone threw us for the sprinklers. Crazy, I know, ”he said.

“I thought it was a little pathetic. But looking back, they’ve done me a huge favor because I’m currently talking to a Canadian radio station, and I’ve also spoken to New Zealand, Australia, America and pretty much every UK cities So I guess really, you know, it kind of backfired on them, didn’t it? “

Written by Sheena Goodyear. Interview conducted by Ashley Fraser.


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