The Young and the Restless Spoilers 4 – 8 octobre 2021 – .

The Young and the Restless Spoilers 4 – 8 octobre 2021 – .

In the latest version of Young and restless spoilers for Monday October 4 through Friday October 8, this is the Hunger games luxury weddings when the Newmans face off against a determined and undeterred Billy, even as Ashland manages to endanger his relationship with Victoria on his own. Will the couple arrive in the aisle? Who will receive a surprise on the special day? Read on for the inside scoop on the great Italian wedding and more!

Young and restless spoilers for Friday, October 1:

In Friday’s recap, Mariah confronts Tessa, Ashland moves into the hotel, and Nikki and Phyllis grapple with the fallout between Nick and Victoria!

This Nick / Phyllis / Jack situation continues to get more tense when her significant other interrupts a moment between her and her ex. You have to wonder how she finds the time for all these clandestine meetings with her ex-husband while she runs a hotel almost on her own … and one also wonders if all this does not lead to a partner swap for our favorite redhead who takes risks.

Called it! Tensions skyrocket when Mariah and Tessa disagree about their future. We’re guessing Tessa isn’t ready to take the time to go on tour to start a family.

Uh! Who will be the unfortunate target when Victoria unleashes her anger? Could it be her suspicious future husband, brother, father, or – most likely if we’re being honest – her ex-husband, Billy?

In memoriam: A sincere tribute to the stars that 2021 has taken from us. We take a look back at the roles that marked the day in our photo gallery.

Y&R Restless rant! Hop topics: Ashland’s final reveal will be a doozy, Mariah refuse to back off, Papa Devon, Sally’s plan, Faith and Moses’ “fit” and Jack carrying the thin rug with his rhythm!

Young and restless spoilers week of October 4:

Wedding of the century ?! Young and restless intrigues collide and explode at Victoria and Ashland’s wedding… and it all starts with a marriage crash! In addition, the love story of Victoria and Ashland in photos!

Young and restless spoilers for Monday, October 4:

Whoa… When Ashland asks Nick to keep a secret, presumably from Victoria, how could he agree to keep his closest brother in the dark? On the other hand, if it’s the ever-persistent Billy that Locke is trying to keep at bay, we can easily imagine Nick being persuaded.

Lately, things have been a little rough between these two, so it’s no surprise that a frustrated Sally goes on the defensive with Adam. Will the showdown lead to a breakthrough for the boss of Newman Media and his daring and beautiful employee?

Now this that sounds intriguing! What will Amanda have up her sleeve when she makes a move that will keep Devon on her guard? Perhaps we can find a clue in this review of her tumultuous history – and that of her twin sister Hilary – in Genoa City.

The CBS soap star offers a glimpse into his wife’s pregnancy: “At least,” she said, “I haven’t thrown you anything – yet. ”

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, October 5:

It should be a moment of love, light and laughter for Victoria and Ashland as they arrive in Tuscany, but given all the suspicious of the groom, we have to ask ourselves if they will make it to the altar and to through the ceremony without any other secret. area.

Despite her best efforts to move forward, Mariah finds herself once again grappling with her maternal instincts. Does that mean she’s unable to let go of the idea of ​​having a baby with Tessa, and if so, will her obsession create even more strain in their relationship?

Will the wonders never cease? It looks like all of the Newmans are working together to make sure Victoria’s wedding goes ahead with a hitch, as none other than his former brother Adam keeps an eye on Billy. We know her intrusive ex was “not invited” to the wedding, but will he show up in Italy anyway ?!

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday October 6:

So close and yet so far. Right before marrying the woman of his dreams, Ashland puts his relationship with Victoria in jeopardy. Will Teflon Locke emerge unscathed from the final standoff so the show can continue?

When Nate and Elena cover a friend, it can only be Ashland. We have to wonder if the honest doctor realized what he was getting himself into when he agreed to act as a witness for the tycoon he barely knows … and if he will leave Tuscany not only with gifts chic wedding, but also with regrets!

Shocking information falls somewhere other than Billy’s lap. Will Victoria’s ex end up holding the fate of her marriage – and her future – in her hands?

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, October 7:

Looks like Victoria and Ashland’s nuptials are going to be really tough, folks! While Victor and Nikki limit the damage in Tuscany, Billy puts his plan into action. We can definitely see Chance Comm’s executive making a bet to stop her ex’s marriage. If he does, will it pay off… or will he land on his well-cut sidewalk?

Young and restless spoilers for Friday October 8:

Oh-oh ! Another An adjustable wrench is thrown into the wedding chores when Victor and Nikki find themselves on both ends of a debate. We can’t even begin to speculate on who will emerge the “winner” when these two go head-to-head. Are we going to have to change the order in which we classified the many wives of The Mustache?

Considering her precarious mental state has caused her to make questionable decisions, we have to wonder if it will be good news when Mariah surprises Tessa. Or will it lead to the split that “Teriah” fans dreaded?

It all comes down to a single moment of truth at Villa Newman in Tuscany when Victoria makes a decision about her future with Ashland. Will she say “I want it” or “I certainly don’t!” “? And if it is the latter, will another couple become husband and wife instead of “Ashtoria”?

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— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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