The “weather bomb” should lose strength when it hits Van. Island Sunday – .

The “weather bomb” should lose strength when it hits Van. Island Sunday – .

They call it the calm before the storm, but what Mother Nature is currently planning off the west coast of British Columbia and Washington State is more than just a storm, some experts are calling it a “bomb.” weather “or a” bomb cyclone “.

“This is the deepest storm, the lowest pressure storm ever seen in the coastal waters of our region, which is why it is so remarkable,” said Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University. from Washington.

Mass says the storm is carrying winds equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane, noting, “We’re talking about you know 13, 14 meter waves, pretty big stuff. “

It is expected to make landfall on Sunday evening, but it is still unclear exactly where it will make landfall.

Local meteorologists say the most likely scenario is it will hit northern Vancouver Island, from Tofino and Comox to the north, but there’s good news when it does.

“It will therefore decrease in strength as it hits land,” said Armel Castellan, meteorologist from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

So despite its historic strength offshore, experts say it will look nothing like the devastating storm of December 2018 that cut power to hundreds of thousands of people.

More likely, it will look like Thursday’s storm where winds in some areas along the coast could reach 100 kilometers per hour.

There can be power outages, localized flooding, and ferry cancellations, but widespread damage is unlikely.

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“It’s not a storm we’re going to talk about for months or even years,” said Castellan.

And another good news is that it’s not the first storm of the season thanks to Thursday’s wind.

“It kind of tests things and knocked over some things that would have fallen this time around,” Mass said.

While Friday’s calm weather can be deceptive, experts say there is no doubt the wind and rain are coming. And the “storm parade” doesn’t end after this weekend.

“We have an active weather week, we’re going to potentially be tracking another atmospheric river next weekend, maybe Thursday, Friday,” said Castellan.

And after that, thanks to La Nina, it’s a cold and wet winter that awaits us.


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