The United States will allow Canadians who have received mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines when border crossings resume on November 8 – .


There is good border news for Canadians who wish to visit the United States but have received mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

The White House confirmed Friday morning that land border crossings for vaccinated non-essential travelers will resume on November 8. And later that day, the Centers for Disease Control confirmed that they would consider those who received doses of two different vaccines as being fully vaccinated for the purposes of entering the country.

“Although the CDC has not recommended mixing vaccine types in a primary series, we recognize that this is increasingly common in other countries and therefore should be accepted for their interpretation of vaccine records,” the agency said in a statement released Friday evening.

He added that the change in approach to mixed vaccines for travelers should not guide clinical practice in the United States.

Earlier today, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said in an interview that he was optimistic that the news would arrive, after his government’s lengthy talks with the United States. diet. And so, when that notice is sent to the White House, then the White House will make a decision based on that notice.

“But we’re pretty confident. “

Blair also said the Canadian government is “considering” when it could eliminate its requirement for a negative PCR test result for fully vaccinated travelers returning to Canada.

For now, this requirement remains in place as it continues to be the advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada, and Blair said it would have been “effective enough” in limiting the importation of COVID -19.

But Blair also acknowledged that four months of random border testing showed that only 0.19% of fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada had COVID-19 – a number he called “very low.”

Blair, whose portfolio includes the Canada Border Services Agency, said he had come under a lot of pressure from members of the US Congress and businesses on both sides of the border, including from Canadians wishing to start. to take a day trip to the United States and wishing the PCR. test requirement abandoned at the land border.

“A lot of people want to get back into this business, but we don’t have two diets for people who want day shopping and for Canadians who, for example, have been on vacation for a while in the United States and coming back. “, did he declare.

“So for now we have that requirement in place and it will remain so. “

Blair has made it clear that the government also believes that part of the reason Canada has seen such a “low incidence of positive tests” in random testing is that the negative PCR test requirement was there in the first place.

US officials have previously indicated that they intend to accept vaccines approved by the World Health Organization as valid, even though the vaccines in question – including the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has been used in Canada – were not approved for use in the United States.

Nearly four million Canadians – including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – have received mixed doses, and their ability to travel to the United States would have been blocked had American authorities refused to recognize them.

Tonda MacCharles is an Ottawa-based reporter who covers federal politics for The Star. Follow her on Twitter: @tondamaccEdward Keenan is the Star’s Washington bureau chief. It covers American politics and current affairs. Contact him by email: [email protected]


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