The inauguration of the new data center is scheduled for Monday. Will create 30 jobs locally – .

The inauguration of the new data center is scheduled for Monday. Will create 30 jobs locally – .

“The North Bay site is the first of many Power-to-Data sites that Validus will be developing over the next 24 months. These power-to-data sites will create more than 100 full-time jobs in northern Ontario.

The old power station of Atlantic Power Corp. on Highway 11 North will be brought back into service and transformed into a new data center, according to new owners, Validus Power Corp and Hut 8.

The site is currently inactive.

The company will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday (October 25) to kick off the development of the new business.

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It is hoped that this project will stimulate economic development within the municipality and position northern Ontario as a viable location for technological investment and growth.

“The North Bay site is the first of many power-to-data sites Validus will develop over the next 24 months,” read a press release announcing the grand opening. “These power-to-data sites will create over 100 full-time jobs across northern Ontario. Validus Power Corp, through this initiative, hopes to further enhance North Bay’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

Validus Power Corp recently acquired several unused power plants in northern Ontario that were initially scheduled to be shut down.

“Validus saw an opportunity in re-commissioning these power plants to meet energy demands in the high-tech space and fuel job creation in local communities,” the statement added.

Validus will invest more than $ 100 million over the next 24 months to support this effort and will open three Power-to-Data sites in Northern Ontario over the next few months, positioning the region as a hub of technological innovation. promising.

The proposed 32,000 square foot data center in North Bay will provide 30 highly skilled jobs, including engineers, plant operators, power plant technicians and data center technicians.

These data centers will respond to high-performance computing applications and other emerging technologies that require large-scale data processing, the release says.

“Our power plants capture waste heat to produce electricity more efficiently, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable geothermal cooling systems and data center heat will be used to regulate the climate in the data center.

BayToday will cover the inauguration on Monday.


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