The French professional league denounces the biennial World Cup plan as “irreparably negative for the national leagues” – .

The French professional league denounces the biennial World Cup plan as “irreparably negative for the national leagues” – .

The French Professional Football League (LFP) has publicly opposed Arsène Wenger’s proposal for World Cup competitions every two years after adjusting its 2022 schedule to host the Qatar edition in a rare move that will include Christmas matches.

In an official statement, the LFP denounced the lack of “prior consultation” due to the “sole interest” of FIFA and described the potential impact as “irreparably negative” for leagues, clubs and players, France entering the upcoming tournament as world champion after their success in 2018.

“Meeting on October 13, the board of directors of the LFP adopted a motion to oppose the plan to host the FIFA World Cup every two years,” the statement said. “Without prior consultation, FIFA wants to take a decision which is in its sole interest and whose impact is irreparably negative for national leagues and clubs as employers of players.

“This project would also provide for the lengthening of international periods, which would greatly disrupt the series of national championships and cause fans to lose interest. The development of football does not only go through the World Cup but also and above all rests on the national championships.

“As such, it would be preferable for FIFA to promote the development of professional leagues where there are none, as well as local leagues. The World Cup is a world heritage that must be preserved and not trivialized. “

In a separate statement, the LFP confirmed that the 2022-23 season will begin in early August, as always, and end in early June the following summer, with the World Cup having already been played.

There will be a hiatus from November 13th to December 28th for the World Cup in Qatar, meaning French football will have a ‘Boxing Day’ experience that has been debated in the past but players will have very little time for it. prepare for the tournament. or to recover if they reach the final.

“Exceptionally, the championship (16th day) will resume Wednesday, December 28 in the form of a French” Boxing Day “, said the press release. The 17th day of Ligue 1 will take place on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

The LFP is also expected to confirm the relegation of four teams to Ligue 1 next season to make way for the 18-team Championship that will follow along with a new set of televised offers.


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