The debilitating effects of the long Covid are just starting to hit the economies

The debilitating effects of the long Covid are just starting to hit the economies

TThe impact of the pandemic on our economy as we attempt to reopen is a priority, with ships on the wrong side of the globe, rising gas prices and growing demand for many unmet products. The magnitude and duration of these effects will be dominated by discussions by world financial leaders at the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund last week.

But what is barely discussed and still poorly understood is the continued impact of Covid-19, especially on the millions of people who have had it. Governments are just starting to worry about the long-term impact of Covid on their disability benefit bill, when little is known about the direct effect of Covid on productivity.

New research gives a disturbing answer on this front, albeit from a very specific industry: football. Looking at the impact of the Covid infection on soccer players in Germany and Italy, he finds that their performance (as measured by passes) drops 6% on their return from illness and is still down 5%. six months later. It is very different from an almost instant cure from the flu. Most of us don’t do jobs as physically demanding as soccer, but the newspaper recalls that the current high case rates may not come free – to those infected or to our economy as a whole.

So when we reflect on the legacy of this crisis for our economies, let’s not forget what is a big part of it: human beings.

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